Ashely Easter Pulls Off an Incredible, Online 30 Days of Courage. You Have to See Who Is Speaking!

Ashely Easter’s annual Courage Conference is changing up to meet the demands of social distancing. Only Ashley could rise to the occasion and present us with an incredible list of speakers. I challenge you to read the list of keynote speakers. There is an actor/survivor, an Emmy Award winner,  a filmmaker and victim or Harvey Weinstein, and a CEO of a women’s empowerment organization. There is a political appointee/survivor and, to round things out, Jimmy Hinton, a TWW friend, who is known nationally as a Predator Deception expert.

Just added: Scientology Whistle Blower Leah Remini

, What a lineup! I endorse this wonderful conference.

See the unusual and totally doable details below.

Join the FREE 30-Days of Courage Challenge for abuse survivors and advocates!  Starts October 1st-30th inside of the Courage 365 Facebook group!

The challenge includes:

  • Daily motivational video messages and reflection questions delivered via the Courage 365 Facebook group on-demand by Ashley Easter.
  • Weekly keynote presentations (+ replays) followed with live Q+As by leading voices in the survivor movement such as “That Thing You Do” Actor and Survivor, Johnathon Schaech; Emmy Award Winner, Survivor, and Healing coach, Lyvonne Proverbs Briggs, MDiv, ThM; Nationally Known Predator Deception Expert,; award-winning filmmaker, Harvey Weinstein #MeToo Survivor, and activist Sarah Ann Masse We Are Thomasse British-American Comedy Fans; Founder of Courage 365, survivor, and nationally known survivor advocate Ashley Easter; and CEO of a women’s empowerment organization Dear Sissy Global Network, former political appointee, survivor Eboney Weathers.
  • Just added: Scientology Whistle Blower Leah Remini
  • Weekly online interactive support groups.
  • Weekly challenges for participants to take to foster healing change.
  • Epic Prizes.
  • And more!

COVID-19 made it impossible to host The Courage Conference in person this year. But we know abuse survivors and advocates need support, empowerment, and community during these trying times. To meet this need, we created the 30-Days of Courage Challenge!

Join the FREE challenge by joining the Courage 365 Facebook group, then invite your friends!   Facebook group


Ashely Easter Pulls Off an Incredible, Online 30 Days of Courage. You Have to See Who Is Speaking! — 24 Comments

  1. Partly off-topic, but remotely related in the sense that it is about “care for those who suffer”. And it’s certainly relevant to the present wider crisis of the society within which the American churches are embedded. This item showed up in my prefered daily news aggregator’s links page:

    Money quote:

    “Rodney Stark, in his seminal work “The Rise of Christianity,” argues that these two pandemics [smallpox] made Christianity a much more attractive belief system.

    While the disease was effectively incurable, rudimentary palliative care – the provision of food and water, for example – could spur recovery of those too weak to care for themselves. Motivated by Christian charity and an ethic of care for the sick – and enabled by the thick social and charitable networks around which the early church was organized – the empire’s Christian communities were willing and able to provide this sort of care.

    Pagan Romans, on the other hand, opted instead either to flee outbreaks of the plague or to self-isolate in the hope of being spared infection.

    This had two effects.

    First, Christians survived the ravages of these plagues at higher rates than their pagan neighbors and developed higher levels of immunity more quickly. Seeing that many more of their Christian compatriots were surviving the plague – and attributing this either to divine favor or the benefits of the care being provided by Christians – many pagans were drawn to the Christian community and the belief system that underpinned it. At the same time, tending to sick pagans afforded Christians unprecedented opportunities to evangelize.”

    The early believers took seriously the Pauline command (which echo’s Jesus’ command) to “love one another.”

    This early example doesn’t seem highly relevant to US, sadly. What we have, instead, is highly visible church leaders advocating for defiance of public health measures. This is not likely to make the Christian message, whatever you conceive that to be, more attractive to outsiders.

    Standing up for your own rights is certainly “American.” But sometimes it has unintended consequences, as when it endangers the very neighbors you want to evangelize.

    Well played! /snark

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  2. Muff Potter: So how do us hold-outs and rebels who don’t tweet or do facebook listen in?

    Depending on your level of objection to the two platforms, here’s a partial (non-)answer.

    I don’t have a Twitter account, but I can read tweets and replies, and view a vast amount of related content. (I cannot reply or probably do some stuff I have not tried.) If you want to peek at a Twitter account, maybe try one called @wartwatch

    I do have a Facebook account, which I use only to look at stuff on Facebook and rarely to send a private message. My privacy settings are set to maximum. I post absolutely nothing, and ignore notifications.

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  3. Friend,

    It’s not that I object to social media. Choosing to leave social media was a protective action when I separated (and then divorced) my abusive husband and his toxic family…and the church that turned their collective back.

    It was probably also one of the healthiest things I’ve ever done.

    Still, it would be nice to access the content through a different online portal – even if posted after-the-fact.

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  4. ishy,

    that’s, *free*.

    “You might have to define that word for them. I doubt they know what it means…”

    see T4G.

    see T4G run.

    see T4G run and say they do ministry.

    see T4G equate ministry with profit through large fees.

    see T4G plan on-line conference with very little overhead.

    see T4G plan conference with very little overhead and expect their large fees anyway.

    see T4G listen to remedial lesson on ministry as serving others.

    see T4G look like a deer in the headlights.

    see T4G need clarification that serving others means it is voluntary.

    see T4G look confused.

    see T4G hear the words “that means you do it without being paid money.”
    …i don’t know how the story ends.

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  5. Friend: And surely you and Muff aren’t the only ones who avoid those two platforms. Maybe they will post it on YouTube.

    Perhaps someone on here could ask them to consider this?

    What I find works best for me is when transcripts are made of conference sessions, no matter the format of the original session.

    While I understand many of the reasons for not producing transcripts of conference sessions, the transcripts make the information more readily accessible to someone like me (who is easily triggered by pretty much everything….which is why I rarely listen to or watch the audio and video recordings so painstakingly and thoughtfully embedded by Dee, Todd, and many others….which is why I read the news online, rather than watch the news on TV).

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  6. Natalia Hubbard: Especially looking forward to this Wednesday, October 7 (7pm est) interview with Leah Remini: Scientology and the aftermath. Learning about her whistleblower experience will be timely.

    I’m looking forward to that, too. The SBC isn’t near as bad as Scientology, but it seems like it’s on the road to becoming that kind of cult. I hope that more awareness about spiritual abuse can change these cultic systems.

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  7. Muff Potter,

    1. pour the conservative resurgence (paige patterson, Al Mohler, etc.) in mixing bowl

    2. stir until you see cruel principle over people

    3. toss in Park Fiscal and john piper

    4. right away you’ll see more cruel principle over people, and woman as sexual appliance for the man’s gratification will begin to form

    5. immediately add zero accountability and stir.

    6. pour the batter into the pan of publishing

    7. put in preheated oven of Lifeway, The Gospel Coalition, and Right Now Media

    8. Bake for 30 minutes.

    Remove from oven, let cool, then cut and serve. Perfect for large group gatherings.

    don’t try this recipe — it made many people sick.

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  8. Headless Unicorn Guy: Ashley grew up in a cult-like church but was able to get out of it and now helps other survivors. She’s incredible, and I like her a lot.

    I watched Leah and Johnathon this week — they were both terrific! I encourage all of you to check out the rest of the speakers, even if you don’t like Facebook.

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