TWW Has Got You Covered!!!


A joke is a very serious thing.  –Winston Churchill

I have saved this for one of those days which means today. I wrote this a few years ago and I hope it makes you smile. Dr Jon is the moniker chose by my husband. Also, some of the references in the post are from events in the past. So here is a challenge. Do you remember these references?

I break into our regularly scheduled kvetching to bring readers three new fee-for-service product lines to be provided by TWW.

1. “We’ve Got You Covered” Insurance.

This product is primarily aimed at our female audience.

  • Are you mired in a church that demands that a man “cover” you?
  • Are you single, 55 years old and stuck with being covered by a 27-year-old “elder?”
  • Does your church teach that being under the “covering of Jesus” is not enough? That every woman needs a godly man who is in authority over her?

What’s a woman to do?

TWW has a way to get your covering-happy church off your back with “We’ve got you covered “insurance!”

Here is how it works. For a low annual fee of $100 (with a 20% discount for full time missionaries), Dr. Jon will send you a document certifying that he is fully covering you: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a nominal $20 (plus S+H) extra, we will send you a Egyptian cotton covering (It may look like a Walmart hand towel but do not ask any questions) which you may carry in your purse. It can be thrown on your head at a moment’s notice if any elder complains about your uncovered status. You can rest securely, knowing that  Dr Jon personally prayed over this beautiful hand towel covering, insuring its infusion with his spiritually superior covering.

For a further fee of $15, you will receive a phone number, which will be answered by Dr. Jon or his designated representatives. Said person will reassure any pastor or elder of your total and complete coverage. Dr Jon (who completed one semester of seminary) will give a living testimony to your high-quality coverage. Be the envy of all you friends who are stuck reporting to one of CJ Mahaney’s appointed “pastors.”

Sign up and you can say “I am fully covered by some old dude in Raleigh.”

2. Certificate of “Member in Good Standing” of The Church at Wartburg

  • Were you thrown out of your church for telling your pastor that you think Mark Driscoll is whacked?
  • Is your former congregation shunning you because you laughed out loud during the service when the pastor said CJ Mahaney’s book, Humility, is the definitive work on the subject?
  • Have you been placed under church discipline for asking why your pastor has not been in the pulpit for 6 months because he is attending every single Calvinista conference out there? (They told the congregation he will most likely be able to do the Christmas sermon, after all.)

Are you now wondering how you will present yourself to a new church? Well, thanks to your blog queen, your worries are over!

For one low price of $100, we will provide you with “A Member in Good Standing of the Church at Wartburg” certificate. This church is an increasingly recognized and respected (well, kind of, sorta) non-denominational, international church and will give you instant recognition as a quality Christian.

Pastor Dee will personally sign this certificate. However, if this would cause conflict due to the complementarian nature of a prospective church, Dr. Jon (who officially completed one semester of seminary) will sign the certificate for a nominal extra fee of $50.

To increase your potential status in your prospective church of choice, for a small, additional fee, the certificate can provide a listing of your designated roles in Wartburg. Here are a few options.

  • Bible study leader (ESV only) ($25)
  • Bible study leader (NIV 2011) ($2.99)
  • Bible study leader (KJVO) (Thou payest only $1.49)
  • Elder who agrees with pastor 100% ($79.95)
  • Elder who agrees with pastor 50% ($35.99)
  • Worship Leader who uses SGM only songs ($100)
  • Worship leader who dresses in tight jeans, pointy toed shoes and has a tattoo and cool glasses ($1,000)
  • Sunday school leader and expert on Mark Driscoll’s Song of Solomon sermons ($2,345.27) Link
  • Sunday School leader who is personally descended from a Puritan ($2.99) (Genealogy papers provided for an extra $5.00)

Your worries are gone in the blink of an eye when you sign up to be a “Member in Good Standing” of the Church at Wartburg.

3. “What Is the Name of Your Pastor?” Coverage

  • Did you leave a stinging response on Doug Wilson’s blog, telling him to go colonize Mars? Did he ask for the name of your pastor? Link
  • Did you, in the heat of the moment, comment at the Bayly brothers blog, Baylyblog (Now Warhorn) that you son was accepted by the New York City Ballet link? Have they been seeking a subpoena in order to out you so they can call your pastor?
  • Did you comment at Vision Forum that Doug Phillips is no Harrison Ford, no matter how hard he pretends, in his Indiana Jones, “Let’s traverse the Amazon” outfit?  Link Did you mistakenly leave your real email address? Is he trying to get you to spill the name of you pastor so he can report you?

(Both the Bayly brothers and Doug Wilson allegedly would attempt to find out any online critics’ pastors so they could be reported and disciplined.)

Do not despair! TWW has the solution for your problem!

For $100, and an annual renewal fee of $45, we will provide you with a direct number to Dr Jon (who completed one semester of seminary), insuring that you will be viewed as one who chooses pastors with careful consideration of their theological qualifications.  He will emphatically, and solemnly, state that he is your pastor and views you as a role model for all women who are allowed to read the Bible out loud in their churches.

Not only will he defend your spiritual credentials but will tell said inquirer(s) to lay off or he will impose long-distance, spiritual discipline. This discipline will include, but not be limited to, notifying the Mormon church that said pastor is a direct descendent of Brigham Young and wants young missionaries to visit him at his church. Dr. Jon will also send him a signed, complimentary CD of Dr Jon (who completed one semester of seminary) reciting the entire Left Behind series in Bulgarian.

Be the envy of all your friends. And don’t forget, when push comes to shove, TWW has you covered.

An ode to churches who have done their members wrong.


TWW Has Got You Covered!!! — 45 Comments

  1. My first time here, and fabulously funny. Thanks for a good smile on a rainy day.

  2. Not sure why being 1st is so special!! But here I am! Don’t feel any better. Think it’s silly!
    Thanks for a chuckle Dee. We differ in many ways but I appreciate something like this. Keeps things on track!

  3. All ya’ need now dee is a Gulfstream business jet.
    Hell, if Kenneth Copeland can, why not you?

  4. Do you have a certificate of perpetual singleness (to the glory of God, of course) for us mature women who are not interested in being matched or wooed?

  5. I see no reason why Pastor Dee signing the certification of good standing should be a problem for anyone. Since she’s already covered by Dr. Jon, her signature on the document is really his, she being merely a functional extension of his authority. It’s not like the certification is a teaching document.

  6. Linn:
    Do you have a certificate of perpetual singleness (to the glory of God, of course) for us mature women who are not interested in being matched or wooed?

    Like a ‘gift of singleness’ certificate? lol.

  7. (It may look like a Walmart hand towel but do not ask any questions)

    This is priceless. I can’t stop laughing!!!

  8. Daalgo,

    “Not sure why being 1st is so special!! But here I am! Don’t feel any better. Think it’s silly!”

    the point is that it’s pointless.

    a moment of relief from the weight of being ‘on point’ (of necessity) on deserving matters.

  9. I’d really like a WW Doctorate of Godly Sarcasm please, & a certificate of exemption from the Evangelical Industry?

    Let me know how many dog biscuits for the pugs this will cost.

  10. Will you be providing services for the disadvantaged middle-aged men who cannot avoid having affairs if they don’t have affectionate daughters at home?

  11. Lea,

    Well, whatever you want to call it, I’m not looking and I get tired of telling people that, yes, I am very happy with my job, a cat, and Masterpiece Theater.

  12. Max: When you sober up

    Was there a TWW drinking party and I missed it? If so, I sincerely hope you were stirring the bathtub gin.

  13. Dee provides a satirical look at some corners of the America church. I found myself both laughing and groaning.

  14. Linn: Well, whatever you want to call it, I’m not looking and I get tired of telling people that, yes, I am very happy with my job, a cat, and Masterpiece Theater.

    Dating is exhausting sometimes and I take frequent breaks!

    But people should except that you’re not interested. I saw a meme the other day that said somebody’s aunt would, when people asked ‘why aren’t you married’ started answering ‘just lucky i guess’ which cracked me up.

  15. Friend: I sincerely hope you were stirring the bathtub gin.

    I really hope everybody is singing the miss hannigan song from annie right now, because i am!

  16. This was hilarious! Thank you for the much needed comic relief at this difficult time. I am dying laughing!

  17. Very funny! I was banned from Bayly brothers blog a few years ago because I challenged something they said about women (with actual proof LOL). Back then, I didn’t really know any better as was new to this blogging stuff so I might have left my real email address complete with real name so they might have tried to find out my pastor, or husband, etc. Since I was divorced at the time with no pastor, the joke was on them, and I eventually changed email addresses anyway. LOL.

  18. So what do we do when we get to heaven if we find out that comps were incorrect on coverings (granted) and Dr John leading a flock is wrong (granted,) but E-gals were wrong on Women pastors? Will we be able to COEXIST??
    Serious question!!??

  19. Dee,
    We all knew you were into this “Blog thing” for the money…. this post proves it!

    Actually, you are learning well what you have been reporting on all these years… with a little “polish” you probably could turn it into a money making enterprise.. it really is not much of stretch compared to some of the scams you have written about!

  20. dee: love offering

    I thought the term was “seed money,” so you can grow a Gulfstream G700 in your back yard.

  21. Dee,

    Just wanted to say, this is one of your best pieces, makes a great point about those “churches” who focus on donations and tithes rather than doing good works. And the humor goes a long way toward making your point, sharply and with vigor.

    The “prosperity” gospel is so much the opposite of what I read in the New Testament Gospels, and you skewer it with glee and abandon. Very well done!

    Keep up the good work, you help so many to deal with so much evil! Thanks so much.