Post Delayed Due to My Stupid Injury

Last evening, I came very close to amputating my ring finger while chopping vegetables for a stir fry. I had just purchased some new knives because my other knives were dull. The knife went right through my nail and the bleeding wouldn’t stop. So, I  spent several hours getting 4 sutures from a very kind ED physician. Today, I had quite a it of swelling, which was not unexpected but I’m in some discomfort. I tried to get the post done but I just couldn’t concentrate. So, I’ll try to get it up tomorrow…Sunday at the latest. Please stay safe, folks.


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  1. Dear sweet Dee! I wish I could stop by and help. Certainly I’ll be praying for you. Heal well and soon!

  2. Ouch. Right through the nail? That injury may take it’s own sweet time healing! Banging on a computer keypad may be a problem for a few days. Just keep an eye on the injury …. you know what to watch for, and what to do.

    I’m still nursing a dog bite from a week ago. Wacko Jacko’s ( our 3 yo Pitbull- Chocolate Lab mix, who kicked by a cow) injury wasn’t good for me. You see, Jack was given 4 different meds and I was stuffing his pills in slices of hotdogs. Jack got a bit carried away and sunk a fang into my finger with lightning speed, tore the meat and bruised it, too…… and I’m a free bleeder. (As soon as I cleaned up, stopped the bleeding, disinfected, and bandaged myself, I grew a brain and went out and bought some canned dog food!). I’m a bit leery of doctors’ offices right now, so I tended the bite myself with peroxide, Neosporin, and Bandaids, lots of Bandaids. My finger was swollen for a couple of days, but no signs of infection….. healing nicely, now…. finally. Yay!

    I hope you heal up faster than I am, lots faster!

    Take care of your injury, yourself, and your family. (Maybe let your family take care of you for a day or two?). And don’t let your puppies kiss your boo-boo.
    We’re good.

  3. Dee, I’m praying for you, also! It seems like craziness to be so careful isolating, and then to be injured at home. I tripped in my back yard last week and cracked a rib. What a time!
    Please let us know how you are doing. You are a very special person in this world. God bless you and give you patience, relief from pain, and healing.

  4. Am praying for you and all dealing with injuries and medical issues.

    This is not a great time to be needing ER care.

    Everyone, be exceedingly cautious.

    May God preserve us all.

  5. topic adjacent; relevant in terms of the issue of “available capacity in the medical system”

    This site

    appears to me to be a legitimate public health-oriented entity (associated with U. Washington) and its output may be useful for local authorities attempting to get local medical systems ready for coming surges in case loads.

    They have been publishing projections since late March; this link suggests that the early models have been reasonably accurate for “one week into future” projections.

    There are breakouts by state.

    This may give welcome comfort to some who live in communities that are projected to be less severely impacted by the epidemic — but don’t relax the “distancing” practices, as these are essential for holding the case loads down.


    I’m guessing that the actuals for the aggregate national numbers will come in higher than current projections since the model assumes that every state implements aggressive “distancing” measures and some have not yet done so. For states that have done so, this offers hope that the “war zone” character of the crisis at many hospitals may begin to ease within a week or two.

    As far as I can tell, the tools here only report projections of deaths; one could “back out” total # of infected people with whatever “case fatality rate” one prefers. Numbers in the range of 1-2% appear to be plausible at the moment (these assume a significant number of undetected cases due to inadequate testing). The model projection at the moment is that new deaths (and by implication, new cases) become small by Summer. I have no idea how that will be achieved without continuing “distancing” measures combined with aggressive contact tracing and quarantines of “exposed” as well as “confirmed infected” individuals.

    This is going to be with us for months.

    Ken F and Nick B and others have wondered “how is this sustainable?” One could speculate (I think that the governor of NY has already done so) that once reliable serological tests are available and we can establish “who has been exposed and recovered” and (crucially) it is established that recovered people are less vulnerable to reinfection so that they don’t become spreaders, it may be necessary to recruit people who can safely work in “not-distanced” mode into essential tasks. It may be a war-time style mobilization of the population and the economy.

    Stay well all, and use the time as fruitfully as safe opportunities permit.

  6. My prayers are with you, Dee. In this case I know how you feel. A few years ago I bought an Alaskan Ulu knife and was happily chopping away on veggies until I did exactly what you did and ended up at the ED to get sewn up. I don’t use that knife anymore . . .

    Take care and heal FAST!

  7. From my daily reading: I call this passage “How the sin of the common man turned a pleasant land totally desolate,” Zech. 7:4 “Then the word of the Lord Almighty came to me: ‘Ask all the people of the land and the priests, “When you fasted and mourned in the fifth and seventh months for the past seventy years, was it really for me that you fasted? And when you were eating and drinking, were you not just feasting for yourselves? Are these not the words the Lord proclaimed through the earlier prophets when Jerusalem and its surrounding towns were at rest and prosperous, and the Negev and the western foothills were settled?”’
    And the word of the Lord came again to Zechariah: ‘This is what the Lord Almighty said: “Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor. Do not plot evil against each other.”‘
    But they refused to pay attention; stubbornly they turned their backs and covered their ears. They made their hearts as hard as flint and would not listen to the law or to the words that the Lord Almighty had sent by his Spirit through the earlier prophets. So the Lord Almighty was very angry.
    ‘When I called, they did not listen; so when they called, I would not listen,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘I scattered them with a whirlwind among all the nations, where they were strangers. The land they left behind them was so desolate that no one traveled through it. This is how they made the pleasant land desolate.’”

  8. Been there, done that, but with a table saw. full use now, with only a scar across my finger print.

  9. I am sorry to hear of your injury Dee. It sounds painful. While I enjoy your posts, you may want to take a couple of days off from writing. The Gospel Coalition is sponsoring a day of prayer and I believe it will be on Facebook at 6:00 p.m. with some singers contributing.

  10. Praying for a speedy and complication-free recovery, Dee. It’s OK if you need to take some more time off.

  11. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. I am doing better. The swelling is starting to decrease. I will try to get to the post tomorrow.

  12. So glad you’re doing better, Dee. I’ve sliced and diced myself a few times too. Now I don’t use my one super-sharp knife or my mandoline unless I’m wearing kitchen safety gloves. They aren’t foolproof but they help. Take it easy!

  13. Samuel Conner: Stay well all, and use the time as fruitfully as safe opportunities permit.

    Tip: smugly quoting proof texts about Pestilence and God’s Wrath is NOT “a fruitful use of time as safe opportunity permits”.
    Mr. Jesperson,

  14. Headless Unicorn Guy,

    Maybe it’s just me, but I found that text kind of apposite. It seems to me that widespread injustice can damage social bonds and make a society less cohesive, more vulnerable to severe damage under stress. To try to make an application to present conditions would lead me into matters of policy and politics that I think Dee would prefer to not become prominent, being beside the purpose of the ‘blog, so I wont “go there”; but I think it’s not hard to envision what such an application might look like.

  15. Glad you’re ring finger was spared. Hope it heals quickly and you can get back to doing what you enjoy!

  16. Ken F (aka Tweed),

    Trying to apply the history of, and the prophesies concerning, ancient Israel to the current pandemic seems to be much more fun.
    But, as far as I know, none of the TWW readers are ancient Israelites. Hmmmm…..

  17. Good morning brother and sisters, we need to really pray this week as the projections of Covid deaths are going to be high by all projections. Pray especially for all in the healthcare fields. As a nurse for over forty years I have seen my share of deaths but not to the extent they are seeing in New York. My nurse friend in NYC sent 7 patients out of a nursing home of 12 to the hospital whereas 5 have died out of the seven, tragic!
    Dr, Brix , giving the daily Coronavirus update looks exhausted, look at her videos 2 weeks ago and you can see the change. Dr Fauci can barely talk and he is 79. Please remember all of them along with the president and Vice President and Dr Adams the Surgeon General, they are working hard.
    I did watch the TGC, prayer time and it was good.
    I would have loved to see some of our Hispanic brothers and sisters represented but all in all it was uplifting and I feel God honoring. These are troubled times, let’s ask God where can do good.
    Food banks are hurting so extra money helps. God bless everyone and have a wonderful Sunday. Dee, May you heal quickly.,

  18. I am so sorry. Today we spent some time reorganizing our house so my husband can self isolate since he will be co veering the hospital and will also likely be caring for COVID patients. He will need to isolate himself when returning home. We are following guidelines put out be various MD groups. Lord willing, I will be back in business tomorrow.