The Prophet, aka Bob Eric Okauru, Threatens to Sue Akia. Do His People Know About His Other Court Dates?

“Of course, people are getting smarter nowadays; they are letting lawyers instead of their conscience be their guides.” Will Rogers

In July 2019 I posted Akia and The Prophet of Kings Kingdom Ministries: Reckoning Comes to an African American Church #metoo #churchtoo. When we last left this alleged man of God, he had agreed to pay back the loans Akia took out to help to his ministry.

 I believe that Akia is telling the truth. I also believe that she is telling this story for a selfless reason. She believes that other women impacted by this ministry have similar stories to tell.       I can see their hurt.

She wants them to know that they are not alone. She gave her love and money because she believed that the Prophet cared about her long-term spiritual well-being. She believed he was looking out for her when he allegedly asked her to find any possible way she could get the money. This caused her to take out loans which caused her to have debt.

Akia has bravely opened up her life by telling her story, knowing she maybe critiqued by those who still follow the Prophet. However, I think she has chosen the right place to speak her truth. She knows that TWW has many supportive readers who understand and/or have experienced abuse by members of the clergy. I expect that the comments will be supportive to her.

Perhaps Akia’s history with Okauru to this point is summed up by this statement from that post.

Akia began attending Kings Kingdom Ministry to seek spiritual guidance and direction from the Prophet whose teachings and ministries she admired. Instead, she alleges that she was manipulated by the Prophet to enter into a sexual relationship as well as to give money and take out loans to benefit the Prophet and Kings Kingdom Ministries

We have stayed in touch through the intervening months. For awhile, its appeared that Okauru was fulfilling his declared intent to pay back the loans.  However, Akia reached out to me last week to tell me that

  • Okauru is threatening to sue her because she would not take down the previous post.
  • Okauru claims he does not intend to pay back the rest of the loan.

Dee, Okauru and the Wake County Courts

I found out that Okauru would be making an appearance in December 2019 before a Wake County judge due to a DUI  and revoked license situation.

So, I toodled on down to the court room to see what I could learn. Now, just in case it is disputed that I was present, let me tell you about what happened to me as court was opening for the day. A man in back of me suddenly had a violent seizure. Dee yelled out “911 medical emergency” and ran to assist. The judge stopped the proceedings (and did not arrest Dee for yelling in court, thank heavens.) I, along with others stayed and tended to the man and his distraught father until the EMTs arrived. The ailing man had come to and was breathing well. The judge was most kind and thanked us all for helping. I bet Okauru and his two lawyers will remember this unusual start of a court session.

Okauru’s case was put off so that he could appear in court for another *matter* in a separate jurisdiction. His lawyer from that other *situation* happened to be in court that morning so Okauru had two lawyers present. The one for the Wake County DUI and the one for the other *situation.” I am heartened to see he has enough representation by good attorneys.

As you can see here, his new court date is schedule for 2/7/20. Interestingly, I learned that besides the DUI and speeding, that was the problem of the civil revocation of his driver’s license. I may plan to be present for that date as well.


In looking online, I found this report at Rapsheetz.

This appears to say he’s had trouble in the past with allegations of child abuse and possible manufacturing fraud. (Is that like making knock off purses? Thoughts?) These appear to have resulted in probation, suspended sentence/parole and county jail although I don’t know if he served anytime. Any lawyers out there who can give me a read on this?

So, it does appear that our *Prophet* has hit a few rough patches on the road to becoming a Prophet celebrity.  Keeping this in mind, let’s see how this prophetic religious leader has lived up to his commitments.

He did keep up the promised payments for a short period of time

I had such great hopes that he would live up to his commitments which would demonstrate his sacrificial service to King Jesus. Alas, it was not to be.

Akia says the following:

Since the article posted last year he reached out to me multiple times.  The first time being 3 days after the article posted, where he tried to apologize for what took place and promised to have the loan paid in full by September 30, 2019, which he reneged on.  He did however continue to make the required monthly payments.  On December 13th he called again, this time asking for an additional year to pay the loan.  Here is the jist of how that conversation went:
Eric Okauru: I wanted to inform you that it’s going to take a little bit longer because of so many things going on.  I need about a year please to settle this thing (he was referring to the loan). I want to keep my word and integrity on this one, but just too many things are happening.
Me: You need  a year?
Eric Okauru: Yes, I need at least a year to settle this thing.  I’m going to try to do it before that, but I need a year to try to take care of this.
Me: So within this year will you be making your monthly payments?
Eric Okauru: Oh absolutely!
Me: Ok, I’ll keep you to your word, which will now be December 13, 2020
Eric Okauru: Ok, thank you.
It should be noted, he made this call to me 3 days after he appeared in court on December 10th for his DWI. (ed. note: That is the court date when I was present)

He asked her to remove the post (Yes, the one I wrote which is on MY blog) and is now threatening to sue her as well as threatening not to repay the rest of the loan.

As a person of faith, I am interested in how one who holds the lofty title of *The Prophet* finds Scriptural justification for the following actions.

Akia continues:

On Friday January 24th at 10:07 pm I received a call from Eric Okauru asking me to have the article posted on July 24th removed.  I basically said no and asked why.  His response was: 1. because it was not true and 2. it was not serving any purpose for him or for me and he believes the right thing to do was to ask me to remove it.

I said I can’t remove it, and he then clarified if I was stating that I was not going to remove it or if I can’t remove it. I responded that I cannot and I was not even going to try to. It was at this point he stated that he will have to sue me, that he was not threatening me but he’s letting me know because this is something that he thinks I’m wrong about (which is why he called me directly and calmly to have it removed), and when he tells someone he’s going to sue them – he’s going to sue them.  He also stated that he will not be paying anything further (referring to the $50K loan payments) and everything will be settled in court.  I told him do whatever he has to do and I hung up.

Seriously Prophet, (or can I call you Bob?) please check the copyright on The Wartburg Watch. Akia does not own it.  She chose to allow me to post her story. I met with her and asked many questions. I took her to lunch at Winston’s Grille because I wanted her to know that I cared about her. I believed her story. Akia consistency answered my questions and even showed me texts on her phone, all of which appeared to back up her story. In other words, I printed her story because I believed her.

Another one? Do she mean another attack by Satan?

Akia ask a great question.

Many things have been said by both him and members of that “cult” as it now appears to me, since that article was posted back in July, to which I have kept silent.  The following post was posted to the pastors/ministers WhatsApp group after the article went up by the “Prophetess” of the church:

What does another one mean?  Seems like this has happened before and it wasn’t the first time the “Prophet” was accused of this type of behavior which obviously the pastors of the church were aware of.

The prophetess must be having a vision of someone else since Akia claims she never called the prophetess to ask for forgiveness.

I was made to understand that during that convention that was referenced in the snapshot, the “Prophetess” stated in a pastoral meeting that after the article was published, I made a call to her crying, asking for forgiveness and begging to be allowed to come back to the church.  This DID NOT HAPPEN, and I wanted to let Eric Okauru know I was aware of the alleged lies that were being told. I did so in a text message to him when his monthly payment was late a few days after that said convention.

Some final points by Dee

  • Is Bob Eric Okauru a man of the Good Book or a man who is weaseling out of his commitments?
  • Is he truly a prophet? Surely a man who allegedly has the perspicacity of a real prophet like Elijah, for example, must have foreknown that Akia would have been hurt by his actions. So did he allow it to happen this way?
  • Do his actions represent the real love of the Scriptures as well laid out in 1 Corinthians 13?

In fact, let’s end on those beautiful words. Do these words clearly represent the life and ministry of Bob Eric Okauru?  Time for some self reflection.

1 Corinthians 13:1-7 NIV

If I speak in the tongue  of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.  If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.


The Prophet, aka Bob Eric Okauru, Threatens to Sue Akia. Do His People Know About His Other Court Dates? — 39 Comments

  1. Dee,

    I think given the context and abbreviations that Bob was charged with “Possession or Manufacture of Fraudulent Identifications” (fake ID’s or Drivers Licenses).

    I have no legal background and I could be wrong.

  2. Given that OT wisdom literature urgently counsels against guaranteeing others’ debts, I can’t imagine that whatever spirit moved “Prophet Bob” to ask a parishioner to give him borrowed money could have been “from the LORD”.

  3. i’m so sorry, Akia, for these horrible circumstances. I know God cares about justice. I hope with all my hope-er that this amounts to nothing and all is returned, restored, and redeemed for you. thank you, dee, for all your compassion action.

  4. The “Prophet” a person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God. How dare one called themselves this and treat someone is such a way. This is not if God at all. A person who speaks for God would never mistreat God’s people. Seems that the word Prophet was confused with Profit because he seem to gain while other lost. My heart and prayers go out to Akia and all the other ladies who fear coming forward. Ladies, if Akia can do it, so can you. Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the one who goes with you. Prayers for all!

  5. Ken P.: I think given the context and abbreviations that Bob was charged with “Possession or Manufacture of Fraudulent Identifications” (fake ID’s or Drivers Licenses).

    Definitely sounds like someone to trust… I guess if he got his license revoked, he just thought he’d make himself new ones.

    I’m glad dee was there that day with her medical experience to help that man, even if Mr. Okauru didn’t have his day in court.

    Akia has been very brave, and she deserves justice. A good friend of mine is going through a similar experience, except the pastor that gypped her is a relative’s in-law. Everyone is pressuring her to let it go to “keep the peace” and “be a good Christian”, but they won’t step up and tell the scamming pastor to make things right, which is what a Christian should do.

  6. Thank you for exposing all of the ‘Prophet’s’ misdeeds. He’s a fraud and should be held fully accountable for his crimes.

  7. The similarity of the facial expression in the above photo, which looks like a police photo, and the book cover image in the prior post leads me to wonder if anyone has yet coined the phrase “smug shot”?

  8. Lois: I have no patience for people who claim themselves to be a prophet.

    Same here.
    Neither will I suffer present day ixtian big whigs who claim to be ‘Apostles’ (e.g., C.J. Mahaney).

  9. It all depends on what you mean by the word “prophet”. One could make the case that Dee is a prophet… not for “telling the future” but for speaking G$d’s truth with respect to abuse. I think most of use on TWW think it is “righteous” to call out people that abuse, and cover up abuse, especially when it is done by someone that “claims to be man/women of G$d”…

  10. Jeffrey Chalmers,

    One of the characteristic OT modes of prophetic ministry (that is also evident in John the Baptist and in Jesus) is “warning of what will happen to groups that consider themselves to be ‘the people of God’ if they do not repent of specific identified sins”

    In that sense, Dee is definitely engaged in prophetic ministry.

  11. Looks like “Prophet Bob” is more of a profiteer than a prophet. Methinks he should take a long, hard look in a mirror and see if he can make a few “prophesies” concerning himself!

  12. Lois: I have no patience for people who claim themselves to be a prophet.

    The crux here is people claiming a special place of enlightenment and power that few others can attain to. Paul wished that all of us would prophecy, and yet that does not entitle anyone to a special office of power over others. I would argue that this seizing of titles is a big problem today. Many more use the title “Pastor” in this way then “Prophet.” But no matter what the title used may be, including now those wanting even more power by naming themselves as “Apostle” or “Bishop” we are not to Lord our positions over anyone. Using any title in order to enrich ourselves and our other family members is just wrong. From all of this mans encounters with the law, it is quite clear he is a sociopath (criminals are the classic examples of SPD) and a liar and manipulator.

    The real prophets did not do any of these things, and they were persecuted and had the hardest possible lives that we can imagine. To me this is a personality and not an office, just as good pastors require certain personality traits. There is no special privileges for these people. They must remain humble and simply be a servant to others thinking more highly of them then they do themselves. In contrast, criminals are always going to court and getting a longer rap sheet over time. I think the reason why Paul wanted everyone to prophecy was because of how difficult it is, for it is a place of great loneliness and hatred by your fellow men. The classic prophet was like the Captain asking for volunteers for a highly dangerous mission and everyone just looks at each other, like “hell no” I am not volunteering…

  13. “If you run into anyone who has titled himself ‘Prophet’ or ‘Apostle’, RUN!”
    — my writing partner (the burned-out country preacher)

  14. The second I saw the title of this post, I knew it was going to be one of those days. I wonder what Elijah is saying right now in heaven, probably, “Oy vey.”

  15. Muff Potter: Neither will I suffer present day ixtian big whigs who claim to be ‘Apostles’ (e.g., C.J. Mahaney).

    When you’re talking Chuckles Mahaney, that’s HEAD APOSTLE!
    Of the People of Destiny, no less?
    (If that title and org name don’t say “More On-Fire GODLY Than Thou”, I don’t know what does — except maybe “Teen Mania” and “Acquire the Fire”.)

  16. FBC Dallas’s Robert Jeffress now has the mantle of Elijah. Paige Patterson has declared it:

    “Pastor Jeffress…The spirit of the prophet dwells in you because you follow God’s Word even if no one else sees it…You write down-to-earth books expressing heavenly truths that everyone can read. While you are no more perfect than any of the human family, the mantle of Elijah has fallen around your shoulders. Amid the cacophony of thousands of non-biblical voices, many of us are grateful to you this day. Let Jeffress be heard!”

  17. Has the Graham family eliminated Boz from their family? Don’t see him listed as brother to Tullian or in connection with Franklin Graham.

    Find this really strange and bizarre.

  18. tomke: Has the Graham family eliminated Boz from their family? Don’t see him listed as brother to Tullian or in connection with Franklin Graham.

    It actually wouldn’t surprise me. Franklin comes across to me like a televangelist now. His charity is one of the worst rated ever. And we all know what kind of guy Tullian is.

  19. Looked for Franklin family on internet. His sister was listed with 1 child Yullian, as was her husband. Tullian’s wiki page had zero mention of Boz.
    Only 1 internet link for Boz that I found mentioned his family. His page on internet listing his work in FL, at Liberty., with GRACE has zero mention of his family.
    I found this very bizarre

  20. Jerome: “I am very grateful for the prophets God has raised up”

    “my friend David Platt…another example: Mark Dever”

    “God is using them to speak to us. We must heed the message being given and ask God what we need to do with the truths they embody.”

    Reading through the O.T. prophets it is obvious that for every true prophet there are many, many false ones. Again, the false ones are telling people what they want to hear. They kiss up to others in power. They are trying to be popular and gain wealth and status from their “prophecy.” By all these standards, these are all false prophets. The true has a way of pissing everyone off because they do not pull their punches. This is popular with no one including “the elect.” Their sympathy with God’s position makes them infamous, instead of famous.

  21. tomke,

    Given BT’s work on behalf of victims and TT’s history of creating them, I think it’s not surprising that there might be a degree of tension in the relationship between the two, and that they might not want to draw public notice to their status as biological siblings.

  22. tomke,

    Is it possible Boz is not trying to take advantage of the Graham family name, unlike his brother dragging it through the mud? Just a thought. 🙂

  23. tomke: Has the Graham family eliminated Boz from their family? Don’t see him listed as brother to Tullian or in connection with Franklin Graham.

    “Boz”? Who’s this “Boz”?
    As of now, He Never Existed, Comrades.
    dpubleplusungood ref doubleplusunperson.

  24. ION: Climbing

    Meanwhile, I’m sure regular Wartburgers will be keen to know how the Clan Bulbeck is getting on at indoor climbing.

    My 3rd-finger pulley injury seems to be well on the way to recovery; made a decent fist of a 6c with the pancake-shaped holds tonight, after sending the new red crunchy’s 6b+ on Friday at the second attempt. Lesley had a really good bash at a totally sandbagged 6a (it’s easily 6a+) as well. We’re planning to go somewhere else – maybe Perth or Glasgow – on Friday, just for a bit of fun.


    IFON: Fitba’

    Most Wartburgers will be aware that Liverpool have been just a teeny bit dominant in the Premier League this season. With 13 games to go, we’re 22 points ahead and therefore (obviously) need 6 more wins to guarantee the title. Remarkably, however, we failed to beat 3rd-tier Shrewsbury Town in the FA Cup 4th round last week; Shrewsbury put in a superb performance at home to come back from 2-0 down at half time and earn a replay. All neutrals (and a good many Liverpool fans too) will raise a glass to the Shrews for this.

    And here’s where it gets interesting. The replay at Anfield is tomorrow night: which falls in the middle of the 2-week mid-season break for which Jurgen Klopp has pushed strongly all season, and in which he’s sticking to his guns and not playing his first team squad. The result is that, as for the Carabao Cup quarter-final when the senior team were in Qatar for the Fifa World Club Championship, the under-23 side will be representing Liverpool. Shrewsbury Town therefore have a very good opportunity to knock out the World and European champions (and runaway league leaders) on their home ground. If this does indeed happen, then – as a Liverpool fan – I hope Shrewsbury are given proper credit for it, whatever the other debates around the importance or otherwise of the FA Cup to the top Premier League sides.

  25. This prophetic/apostolic abuse is the tip of the iceberg. Since I have been studying the New Apostolic Reformation (Bill Johnson of Bethel, Todd White, Heidi Baker, Paula White, Shawn Bolz, Kris Vallotton ad nauseum) I’ve been getting all kinds of bizarre ads in my FB feed for men from Africa looking for money, claiming to be prophets, etc. unfortunately this stuff came from America in the first place….the Prosperity Gospel and Signs and Wonders gospel was exported to Africa. Ridiculously sad that these men and women too I imagine exploit those hoping that money will buy healing or a miracle. Sickening.

    Lots of spiritual abuse happening at New Apostolic Reformation churches. If you study them you‘ll never be short of things to write about.

    GBTC: Pick and handle and stick with it please.