Alleged Victims and Former Friends of Dustin Boles Received Threatening Letters: Law Enforcement Has Been Notified

Threat of Rain

“The signs of sociopathy are usually there before we are abused; most of us just don’t know enough to recognize them” ― P. A. Speers

Warning: Disturbing information

The Letters

Let me say this up front. None of us fear this anonymous individual and we all believe that we knew who it is. This person who sent these letters and those who surround him need to seek immediate counsel from professionals. What is being done is not only not Christian, it is an indication of a worrisome psychiatric disturbance.

Three letters have been received so far. We expect more to follow.Due to the disturbing nature of the content of these letters, a decision was made to involved law enforcement. Not only are the letters threatening to all involved, they are violations of the federal postal code. Dee has been down this road before and needed to get to know about this stuff when she got a strange letter.

Each of these letters appears to have been were written by an individual who knows the recipients. The allegations made are twisted representations of former events. The individual demonstrates a personal knowledge of those who received his letters. This person who claims to be an acquaintance of Dustin Boles, also makes claims about Boles’ *remarkable* past…

The Denburg Murder

However, the bizarre and sickening thing about these letters is that they had this return address:

Google Denburg, North Carolina. You will be directed to several article on a famous murder case.Here is the overview from Wikipedia: Sharon Lopatka homicide

Sharon Rina Lopatka (September 20, 1961 – October 1996) was an Internet entrepreneur in Hampstead, Maryland, United States, who was killed in a case of apparent consensual homicide. Lopatka was tortured and strangled to death on October 16, 1996, by Robert “Bobby” Frederick Glass, a computer analyst from North Carolina. The apparent purpose was mutual sexual gratification. The case was reportedly the first where a police department arrested a murder suspect with evidence primarily gathered from email messages.[1]

…Sharon Lopatka was the first of four daughters born to Orthodox Jewish parents Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Denburg.[2] They were members of the Beth Tfiloh Congregation, Abraham being a cantor at the synagogue.[


It is my opinion these letters are meant to be  a threat to the welfare of the individuals involved, including myself. The person who wrote these despicable and threatening letters mailed it in Gulfport (postal stamps) which is the next town over from Ocean Springs. Guess who we think conceived of these menacing letters?

All of us have personal protection. As I have said before, my husband and I have concealed carry permits. We refuse to be intimidated by an anonymous creep who sends threatening letters to those who have been hurt.

Please keep Rachel, Jade, Pastor DeWayne,me and our families in your prayers.

(This has been one heckuva week. Crazy stuff from a survivor and then possible threats.)


Alleged Victims and Former Friends of Dustin Boles Received Threatening Letters: Law Enforcement Has Been Notified — 39 Comments

  1. I’ve seen true life crime shows where police have used DNA on envelopes, stamps, or the letter itself to figure out who is behind threatening letters.

    I don’t know why people think they can do this sort of thing and get away with it in this day and age of DNA testing, other technology, and video surveillance.

    Stuff like this is one reason why I never give out my actual name or too much identifying information.

    I found the link about the guy I was thinking of who cops or FBI special agents caught all due to the stamps the guy used to mail threatening letters:

    Wannabe Serial Killer Taunted Cops: ‘Every Time I See Young Beautiful Females… I Want to Strangle Them’

    (by Nick R. Martin,
    Sept 13, 2019)

    Snippets from that page:

    Court documents describe how FBI Special Agent John Busch was able to crack the case without anyone getting hurt.

    It all came down to the postage stamps.

    Affixed to the envelope for each letter was a stamp seemingly as generic as could be—adorned with an American flag and the initials USA.

    But on the left side of each stamp was also a tiny barcode and serial number.

    With the help of U.S. postal inspectors, Busch was able to track the three stamps back to a kiosk in a post office in Grand Junction.

    The kiosk also captured surveillance footage of the buyer as well as his credit-card info.

    The card, according to court documents, was owned by Gallegos, and the face in the surveillance footage matched his picture from his driver’s license.

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  2. Daisy: I’ve seen true life crime shows where police have used DNA on envelopes, stamps, or the letter itself to figure out who is behind threatening letters.

    I wonder if an individual can do so? Wonder what it would cost.

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  3. Oops. Someone has just tipped his hand and although that someone apparently believes he is above the law because he has “gotten away with it” in the past that day is over. Unlike many church leaders, law enforcement take threats like these via the mail very seriously.

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  4. Dee:

    Having been down this road before, was the people sending the threatening letters in the past, were they mostly from supporters of the person being looked at? Or were they directly from the persons being looked at?

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  5. >consensual homicide

    I got stuck on this and now I want to find a true crime podcast about it because how insane.

    But also, I hope everyone is safe. This is very disturbing and I’m glad it has been reported.

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  6. Being a member of his congregation before and then reading all of this, my wife and I 100 percent stand behind the victims of his gross attacks. We were skeptical at first and left the church because we didn’t know what to think, but after these letters i can say that our decision was solidified in leaving. But I personally am glad this is happening, it is giving a platform for these women to fight against their attacker and make stands to change laws and find justice for the ones who will come after (I doubt he will just stop his gross attacks). We Stand with them!

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  7. SiteSeer: I wonder if an individual can do so? Wonder what it would cost.

    The problem is that even if you could get dna, you would have to match it to someone and you probably wouldn’t have access to CODIS (and even if you did, he would have to be *in* codis for that to work). And of course now we have a new field of familial dna available through all these ‘find your heritage’ services.

    I also listen to true crime and it’s amazing how easy it was for people in the 70’s to get away with stuff without DNA and cameras everywhere.

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  8. Brian: were they mostly from supporters of the person being looked at? Or were they directly from the persons being looked at?

    Mark Driscoll addressed criticism about him in the blogosphere as “William Wallace II” … he later “repented” of that.

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  9. Wow. Sending this sort of stuff through the mail opens up a range of potential trouble. We had an in-law who was incarcerated for mail fraud. The person who sent this is both evil and stupid. That’s a bad combo.

    Dee, you have our support, and our prayers.

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  10. Daisy,

    A persons DNA has to be in their data base and fingerprints. Not to mention many fingerprints will be on the envelope. Costs lots of money to do dna and low chance of finding someone by that means . It’s not an avenue that would be explored I believe but good idea!

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  11. Stuff like this is not only evil, but so downright stupid, it is basically ‘How to Admit Guilt in the Accused 101’.

    Dee I know you’ll be doing all the right stuff, & prayers for protection for you all.

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  12. Brian: Luckyforward, side question to you regarding sociopathy:

    Sociopathic traits, can they be genetic? Can parts but not the whole host of traits be passed on?

    Below is a good layman’s discussion regarding sociopathy, which does not have a description in the DSM 5 (manual for diagnosing mental illness.) The descriptor is Antisocial Personality Disorder. Research suggests there might be a genetic link, but exactly what traits may be passed from generation to generation are unpredictable. Also a person may show certain tendencies that are antisocial without meeting the full criteria for the diagnosis.
    Hope this helps a bit!

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  13. M,

    I did take a picture of the most important part of the letter. The return address. Many of the claims of these letters are criticism of the victims with supposed “facts” with no proof and written by an anonymous person who might appear to be a bit deranged.

    So, for now, the letters will not published but they are all in the hands of law enforcement.

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  14. Update
    More letter are being received by folks in the Ocean Springs community. These letters only make claims, cone again, by an anonymous individual who appears somewhat deranged. Folks in the community are contacting the victims do lend their support. Law enforcement is being given copies of all of the letters. I would say that many people suspect who is sending these despicable missives. Federal postal laws are being violated on tope of that.

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  15. I’m hoping that everyone who has received these letters has let their local law enforcement know so they can keep a close eye on things. I’d say, I can’t believe this is happening, but, unfortunately, I can.

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  16. Just something else to be prepared for for those who want to run blogs like this one. This is not a game and there is real danger out there when you expose these snakes for whom they really are. These men are the most evil ones you will find on the planet. While we should not fear them we also should be ignorant of whom and what they really are…

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  17. Matthew A. Hoard: victims of his gross attacks

    The Body of Christ was warned that such men would become church leaders:

    “… They will be men of unscrupulous speech and have no control of themselves. They will be passionate and unprincipled, treacherous, self-willed and conceited, loving all the time what gives them pleasure instead of loving God. They will maintain a facade of “religion”, but their conduct will deny its validity. You must keep clear of people like this … Their minds are distorted, and they are traitors to the faith. But in the long run they won’t get far. Their folly will become obvious to everybody …” (2 Timothy 3 Phillips).

    Check it off folks! Be warned!

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