Human Trafficking Donations Update: You Are Providing Another Victim With Dentures and a New Smile

This picture of the young woman who received dentures was posted with her permission.

“When one has once fully entered the realm of love, the world — no matter how imperfect — becomes rich and beautiful, it consists solely of opportunities for love.” ― Søren Kierkegaard, Works of Love


For those of you who are new, TWW has a medical/dental fund through the Salvation Army for victims of human trafficking who have been identified by Project Fight of the Salvation Army. Here are my previous posts on the matter. (Weirdness happening-the links are active to these posts but they look black. Click on them anyway.)

Last week, I received a call from Project Fight about another victim who has lost all of their teeth due to a combination of malnutrition and physical abuse. My son-in-law’s practice has offered, once again, to forgo any charges for the work needed to measure ands fit the dentures. We will only have to pay the dental lab which makes the dentures. We figure the charges will be in the $500-600 range.

Due to your kind donations we have more than enough money to proceed. Once again, I will provide updates and pictures (If the victim agrees.)

Also, through a Christian medical and dental group with which my husband and I volunteer, we were able to get a plastic surgeon to help a victim whose face was horribly knifed and disfigured by his trafficker. This was done for no charge.

We are now working to get another victim’s injuries cared for by an orthopedic group. I will update you on the success of that situation as well.

I cannot thank all of you enough. Your loving donations are making a difference.


Human Trafficking Donations Update: You Are Providing Another Victim With Dentures and a New Smile — 10 Comments

  1. This is good news, & badly needed! ❤ Is there a link or a PayPal address to use for this somewhere on your homepage? Probably a newbie question, thanks so much.

  2. This is so fantastic! Thank you, Dee.

    Is the mercy fund account @ “Operation Fight” in need of replenishment?


    Re: the Kierkegaard quote, it looks a bit different to me. The world looks to be full of sorrow, because there is so much suffering. But I agree that each sorrow is an opportunity to create a bit of beauty through love expressed in kindness/mercy. And, IMO, that is just about the only way to deal with one’s own sorrow in contemplation of the suffering.

  3. Thank you for the update. I had missed all the posts regarding helping victims of trafficking. Thank yous to all the medical professionals who have volunteered their time.

  4. The thought occurs to me that “should have called for a thorough investigation” back then is not quite the same as “call for a thorough investigation now.”

    Should I understand that that AM is indeed calling for a thorough investigation of the SGM abuse charges and the charges of a cover-up by SGM leadership? I haven’t read into the original reporting, but the quoted extracts appear to me to not contain this.