Just an Update on the Blog and Me

“A teacher told my mother that I would never become successful, which illustrates the difficulty of long-run forecasting on inadequate data.” Clive Granger

Yes, we are getting ready to change things over. However, the point of this post is to ask for your understanding. I am now working alone. However, I did not want this fact to change the number of posts on the blog. I want to get the information out to you as quickly as possible.

A very nice reporter spent a few hours with me in the fall. You’ll hear more about that soon. She asked me how I write so many posts with thoughtfully researched information. I said that the information just comes to me from readers and the news sources. I expressed to her my frustration with my inability to produce a post without misspellings or grammatical errors. I review each postal least 3 times before it’s published but I still miss stuff.

She said that most writers have copy editors and other forms of help that I do not have. Because I refuse to take ads and kickbacks for recommending books, etc., I do not have the resources to hire someone to help me. I don’t want financial incentives to get mixed up with what I do.

All this to say….I will keep posting 3 times a week along with EChurch. Due to my refusal to take money for what I do, I will inevitably continue to have spelling and grammatical errors. However, my basic information will still be carefully researched.

This also means that approval of comments might be slower than usual. Remember, I try to post if I disapprove a comment. So you can assume that your comment is held due to moderation applications. I rarely refuse comments. I still care for my elderly mother on a daily basis and I am working on expanding my human trafficking ministry. Occasionally, I do need to do laundry and care for my pugs and husband.  🙂

I appreciate folks letting me know about brewing stories. Don’t assume that I see them. I do review the news every day so I see a lot but not everything.

Please pray for me as I navigate how I run this blog. Never forget I appreciate all of our readers (well, mostly all  :-D. ) I still have a hard time believing that anyone reads what I write and I am dead serious about this. Ask my husband and pugs!!

Here’s to all of you who, like me, are journeying through our faith. It can be hard sometimes and it’s nice to have you along for the ride. I wish I could get all of you together and make a church. I know it would be awesome.


Just an Update on the Blog and Me — 40 Comments

  1. you’re the best, dee. i appreciate what you do so very much. there should be several so’s and very’s. but my high school english teacher’s call for succinct and concise is ringing alarm bells in my mind.

  2. “I will inevitably continue to have spelling and grammatical errors”

    Ahhh … don’t worry about it, Dee. Wartburgers eventually figure out what you are talking about. 🙂

    And don’t forget:

    “Moses said to the LORD, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant.'” (Exodus 4:10)

    “I haven’t mastered that smooth eloquence that impresses you so much. But when I do open my mouth, I at least know what I’m talking about. We haven’t kept anything back. We let you in on everything.” (2 Cor 11:6)

    Thank you, Dee, for staying the course. About that church you want to start, do it!

  3. Hey, no worries. I’d still appreciate your work if you were going to post three times a year.

    When I’ve tripped the moderation filter in the past, I could see my comment with a note saying “awaiting moderation”. This time, I didn’t see it at all. I thought it was like when my comment disappears on my data-compressing mobile browser, and that’s just because of how the browser works.

    I learned in a grad school class about how your brain has all sorts of cognitive shortcuts. one of those is how when you read something that you wrote, it has a way of filling in what you think is there. At my old company, you know the one, your work had to be reviewed by two other engineers before submittal. So I definitely understand!

  4. Thanks for the update and insight on what’s up. Keep Hubby, Mom and the Pugs happy. We appreciate you and the WW ministry.

  5. Since discovering this blog, the scales have fallen from my eyes regather evangelical church and am now understanding why I bristled at all the secrecy in churches and how the “elders” were the only ones to know what was going on yet the pew sitters were still expected to give money (which the pastor usually made way more than I did). It has been an education based on facts not opinions. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Thanks for all your work. I really appreciate that you keep money out of this, as so much of the abuse that takes place revolves around greedy, self-interested abusers, but I can’t imagine how you find the time to do what you do. I bet you could get some volunteers from skilled and trustworthy readers to help lighten your load.

  7. I tell me you really don’t get criticism of your typos!!

    These kind of people would , if given a million dollars in cash, would complain about the way you wrapped the box.

    You’re doing fabulous work with a punishing schedule.

    God does not look at our typing errors but at our hearts and motives.

    Just let the rest of that go

  8. __

    God lōōkz @ everythin’…

    U R screw’d.


    “To everything, turn, turn, turn.
    There is a season, turn, turn, turn.
    And a time to every purpose under heaven.
    A time to build up, a time to break down.
    A time to dance, a time to mourn.
    A time to cast away stones.
    A time to gather stones together…”

    “Moses reminds the Israelites of their march from Horeb to Kadesh-barnea, through that great and terrible wilderness. He shows how near they were to a happy settlement in Canaan. It will aggravate the eternal ruin of hypocrites, that they were not far from the kingdom of God. As if it were not enough that they were sure of their God before them, they would send men before them. Never any looked into the Holy Land, but they must own it to be a good land. And was there any cause to distrust this God? An unbelieving heart was at the bottom of all this. All disobedience to God’s laws, and distrust of His power and goodness, flow from disbelief of His word, as all true obedience springs from faith. It is profitable for us to divide our past lives into distinct periods; to give thanks to God for the mercies we have received in each, to confess and seek the forgiveness of all the sins we can remember; and thus to renew our acceptance of God’s salvation, and our surrender of ourselves to His service. Our own plans seldom avail to good purpose; while courage in the exercise of faith, and in the path of duty, enables the believer to follow the Lord fully, to disregard all that opposes, to triumph over all opposition, and to take firm hold upon the promised blessings…” -Matthew Henry


    ‘Cover me’, Jesus!





    – –

  9. I found this blog a couple of months ago, and it’s a treasure trove of information about the abuses going on in the evangelical church. You’re doing an incredible job, and keep up the great work!

  10. Ugh I totally misunderstood “brewing stories.” I thought we were going to be talking about beer. (Beer is not the Biblical(TM) choice. Bible-believing Christians go with wine, just like Jesus did.)

  11. Thank you for all you do. This blog is an important educational tool on abuse within the church and providing a voice for victims of spiritual abuse. You are on my prayer list.

  12. Did I miss some announcement about Debs bowing out? I hope all is well with her & hers, & huge thankyous for all the hard work.

  13. Through A Glass Darkly: Beer is not the Biblical(TM) choice.

    I think Martin Luther would disagree. His monastery made most of it’s money from their brewery. And I recall hearing that the main thing that first attracted Martin to his ex-nun wife was her brewing skills.

    Dee, I’m a recovering English major, and the typos don’t bother me. At all. I appreciate how much work goes into these stories, and so many of them are stories that wouldn’t he heard otherwise. Thank you.

  14. Dee,

    You’re a blessing! Don’t worry about the noise on the side. Thanks for your dedication to those in need over the years.

  15. Dee, you are a true blessing to many, many people. You give voice to abuses in the churches. And working with you personally over the past couple years, I realize how much work you put into this. What a delight to know you, work with you, and share your posts with others.

    God’s blessings as you take care of yourself and your family.

    Thank you

  16. Fisher: Mancow Miller claims JMac and others with him will be out this weekend.

    Harvest without MacDonald is like Willow Creek without Hybels, is like Mars Hill without Driscoll, is like etc. etc. Such is the cult of personality. Countless confused and disillusioned followers suffer when celebrity leaders fall. Pray for the believers at Harvest if this happens on Sunday and for JMac’s family, associate pastors and elders who will pay the price of one man’s drift from God’s plan for His church.

  17. Max,

    It’s not enough that he be allowed to escape. What about all of the alleged money he allegedly siphoned off, all of the tithers he allegedly defrauded and the endless list of people he allegedly bullied and abused? Is he, and the rest of his family, going to be allowed to just fade into the woodwork? Or is someone – and I mean law enforcement – going to be tasked with checking out all of the ‘allegations’ to see how many might be true?

    It is not enough for these people to be exposed – they need to be carefully investigated held accountable for any crimes.

  18. Dee, TWW has been a sweet refuge in this very confusing era the church is in. I have been a dedicated reader and have read pretty much every post since 2012! I grew up in the Northwest, in the land of Driscoll. So many close friends who are/ were intertwined with acts 29, PCA, SGC and other authoritarian churches. You are a voice of truth! Common sense, a reality check. So much of what these celebraty pastors spew reverberates unchecked into churches and christianese thought everywhere. Your posts, your willingness to advocate for victims has challenged me to trust Jesus and trust my gut a whole lot more,and to not stay silent. Your medical ministry and your willingness to keep money out of TWW is a breath of fresh air.
    I’m grateful for your thoroughness and dedication. Typos? Whatevs!! Praying God will bring the right help to you to encourage you and to share the load. You have many hearts with you.

  19. Bless you, Dee! Please keep us posted on the trafficking ministry and how readers can help, if you are interested.

  20. I tell me you really don’t get criticism of your typos!!

    Every now and then I call or message Dee with a “I do not think that means what you meant it to mean” when she drops a word or similar.

    Riffing on TPB.

  21. Rain Girl: Your posts, your willingness to advocate for victims has challenged me to trust Jesus and trust my gut a whole lot more,and to not stay silent.

    Rain Girl, we are seeing God raise up an army just like you. Thank you for making a stand for Jesus where you are. We learn to trust our gut more after we go through the valley. I was young and now am old, church and church folks have disappointed me, but Jesus never has.

  22. Rain Girl: Dee, TWW has been a sweet refuge in this very confusing era the church is in.

    Agreed. Thank you, Dee (and Deb) for your years of service to Christ’s body.