Dee will post starting on Tuesday

I’m very tired after getting in late last night. I will plan to post tomorrow on the James MaccDonald situation. Talk about thing blowing up! Watch for an implosion ala Mark Driscoll style. Also, Kelly Haines’ story is getting some media attention and I will brief you on that as well this week. I will plan to do a little vignette on each post surrounding my visit to Israel.


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  1. __

    In a moment in time, the world will indeed change,



    The Bible says Jesus is coming back for His gentile bride. It will be the beginning of something wonderful…


    Kind folks, please look for it!


    Jesus told Apostle John what would come ‘after’ that hour.


    Jesus also told Apostle John that there would be no place to contain the sorrow.


    “I still have much to tell you, but you cannot yet bear to hear it. However, when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. For He will not speak on His own, but He will speak what He hears, and He will declare to you what is to come. He will glorify Me by taking from what is Mine and disclosing it to you…” -Jesus

    The darker side of the future?


    The Bible, describes a world where man has rejected God’s provisional salvation which is none other than His Sòn, Jesus.

    As darkness descends man measures himself as the end of all things, not understanding that he is but a slave.

    Kind folks, please see your bible for details.

    “Time is your friend,
    …as long as you have enough of it.”





    – –

  2. Glad you’re back, Dee.
    Hope you have some wonderful memories from your trip!
    Bet your puppies are glad you are home!

  3. Sòpwith:

    “Time is your friend,
    …as long as you have enough of it.”

    I too am optimistic, in spite of my fundamentally depressive outlook. There is, I do believe, a good Will at work in the world.

    Whovians will appreciate this secular fantasy “take” on that:

    in this one, perhaps one could regard the “Titanic” as a metaphor for the churches

    Of course, there is also bad will and folly at work in the world, as illustrated by the firing of Murray Gold.

  4. God:
    Last… ironically!

    Best regards,


    But deep down (if you get my drift) I know it won’t LA$T.
    🙁 🙁

  5. Sòpwith: “Time is your friend,
    …as long as you have enough of it.”

    “Of all the commodities allotted to the children of men by the Almighty, time is the most precious…”
    — From The Wayfarer’s Book of Sayings

  6. God uses prophecy to enhance our biblical experience and trust in Him. If controversy is what one desires, it must come in the form of an argument to counter the central thesis of The Word Of God, namely that Jesus will be ostentatiously proven right and His critics sadly providentially proven in the wrong. Can there be any other outcome?

  7. I’ve been following the HBC mess on Eagle’s blog.

    Something’s gonna blow sky-high.