Can TWW Readers Help a Victim of Human Trafficking Receive a Full Set of Dentures ?

“No matter what chains are broken, slavery is a condition of the heart.” ― Marquita Burke-DeJesus
Handcuffs are often  used as a symbol of human trafficking.

Seven months ago, TWW started TWW Initiative: Help Us Bring Vital Health Care Directly to Actual Victims of Human Trafficking. Please read the entire post to see how we have linked to Christian health care providers, Project Fight of the Salvation Army, and Project Access.

The people that we serve are identified victims of human trafficking and the post explains the details surrounding this. We have served a number of clients, mostly through networking with providers in the area. Until now, we have not had any needs that we could not meet with a bit of ingenuity.

However, we have just bumped into a situation in which we will most likely need some money. A victims had their teeth knocked out by their trafficker and a few other teeth needed to be removed due to poor nutrition and lack of access to dental care.

This dear person wishes to apply for jobs but is uncomfortable because they have no teeth. (I am being vague to protect the identity of this individual.) They will need a full set of dentures. Besides this being a cosmetic need, there is a dental need. Without properly fitting dentures, this person will experience deterioration of the bony structure of the jaw.

These dentures will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $900. 

Instead of setting up a Go Fund Me, I have arranged for a fund for medical/dental needs of human trafficking victims within the auspices of the Salvation Army. This is wonderful for two reasons.

  1. Unlike Go Fund Me, 100% of all donations go directly to the victims without any overhead or administrative fees being removed.
  2. Unlike Go Fund Me, these donations are tax deductible since it is going to the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army Project Fight coordinators work with me in order to assure that all finds are handled in an appropriate manner. If this all works out, I will try to provide some sort of followup post so TWW readers can see the results of their donations. Also, if the donations exceed $900, the excess will go into this fund  so that we can serve another client.

Here is the link:

Thank you for considering my request.  I promise that every penny will be used exactly as intended.

(PS: If anyone out there would like to donate the dentures, please contact me immediately. Any such donation is fully tax deductible.)


Can TWW Readers Help a Victim of Human Trafficking Receive a Full Set of Dentures ? — 31 Comments

  1. Dee,

    I’ve tried twice to donate, but I’m having trouble. There doesn’t seem to be a submit button after you enter all your info at the link above. ??

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  2. Bridget,

    I just submitted a donation and it worked. There is huge, red button at the bottom of the form. If you don’t see it, reboot. let me know if you still can’t see it.

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  3. Marlene: It wasn’t showing up on my phone (the big red submit button), so I used my laptop instead and there it was (:

    Apologies for the tangent, but there’s a big lesson there for all of us who aspire to design websites:

    Test them on different devices!

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  4. Hey Dee and everyone who helped coordinate this funding project with Salvation Army Project Fight!

    Thank you!! I so respect the Salvation Army and their project arms in local communities. Our local S.A. Thrift stores are (mostly) staffed by men and women who have been or are in the process of being rehabilitated from a lifestyle of alcoholism, drug addictions, incarceration, etc., through the Salvation Army’s Community Rehabilitation Program.

    So, thank you all for setting this up so we can help in two practical and Christ-honoring ways: with prayer and with our money.

    I’m praying for our sister or brother who needs our help and following the link to donate.

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  5. Bridget: Yes. And remember that we’re not all Apple clones.

    — I actually encountered this attitude

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  6. Nick Bulbeck: Apologies for the tangent, but there’s a big lesson there for all of us who aspire to design websites:

    Test them on different devices!

    And by all that’s holy on earth and in heaven, follow the KISS (keep it simple stupid) rule, whilst writing code and designing APPS.
    By eschewing the glitz and feature-bloat, you’ll increase its chances of working across all platforms.

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  7. Lisaanne,

    Well, as new person, you will help a victim of human trafficking get new teeth. Once this happens, I will provide a followup so you can see exactly how your money was used.

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  8. dee:

    You are the best!!! Once the client gets the dentures, I will figure out a way to provide a pic without revealing the identity off the person.

    No need as far as I’m concerned….I trust you & the SA and our God. 🙂

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  9. molly245,

    Yes, what Molly said. I trust you and I trust the Salvation Army.

    Thank you again, Dee and company, for setting this up and letting us help too.

    You guys are Heroines and Heroes of the Faith.

    Trace and family

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  10. Dee, thanks so much for the invite, and giving us time to respond.

    In Exodus 36:5-6 Moses had to stop the giving because there was, “Enough! Stop! No more.”
    And then it was too late for those who hesitated.

    Glad I had the opportunity to do this before the opportunity ran out.

    God bless. Best. I like your projects, with your generous invitation to participate.

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