Turkey Hangover: New Post Postponed Until Tomorrow

I received some information late this afternoon that I wish to make part of my post. Since it is late, I will post in the AM.


Turkey Hangover: New Post Postponed Until Tomorrow — 18 Comments

  1. Can’t hold it against ya one bit, Dee.
    My family does a massive buffet style potluck. Dishes of food covered at least 10 feet of counter space, not including desserts, drinks,yeast rolls and cranberry sauce! We always cook twice as much as we need. I have an everything hangover. I ate leftover banana-nut cake with cream cheese frosting for breakfast today!

    Sleep well tonight!

  2. That and some people went shopping on Black Friday. I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn, but my son took me out to 2 places at about 10 am. Both were crowded. We did the rest of our shopping on-line. Then we had left overs from Thanksgiving. I took a much needed nap and my guys went out to see a movie.

  3. GMFS; and a very happy post-Thanksgiving hangover to you all from the Land of Whisky *.

    As the recent cold snap seems to be drawing to a close, Lesley and I are off to do the Tarmigan Ridge of Ben Lomond today – it looks (from a distance) to have excellent snow/ice conditions on it.

    * Please note: “whisky” does not have an “e” in it. AWWBA, “whisky” is an anglicisation of “uisge”, itself a contraction of “uisge beatha”.

  4. I hear you. Young daughter-in-law slow roasted a turkey with white wine and garlic. The taste was subtle and awesome. Usually I don’t care for turkey too much and just drown it in gravy or sauce, but this was delicious.

  5. Nick Bulbeck wrote:

    No, weโ€™re not. Weโ€™re off to do the Ptarmigan Ridge.

    And in fact we didn’t even do that; we stayed local on closer examination of the weather forecast.

    Probably a good job we did; although it’s cold at low level, an unusually strong temperature inversion has brought about a significant thaw and the snow up on the Ochils was in terrible condition. Ben Lomond (which is prominent in the western view from the Ochils) is also largely clear of snow, the remainder is probably slush and it probably wouldn’t have been a bundle of fun today.

    All of that said, it was still a lazy walk in the hills with lots of sunshine, so I’ll take that over shopping.

  6. You all are making me hungry. Glad I waited to write the post. More happened late last evening. Now, time to work!

  7. Fitba’:

    We kept up our title challenge (well, let’s settle for a Champions’ League place challenge for the noo) with a win over Sunderland, which put us top for an hour or so. However, Chelsea regained top spot with a win over Spurs.


    England are having a bit of a disaster in India; yet another top-order collapse has left the hosts in command of the Third Test and heading for a 2-0 lead with two Tests remaining.


  8. AWWBA, Fidel Castro has died.

    The outgoing US president, and the president elect, made characteristically different comments. Jeremy Corbyn * described him as a “huge figure”.


    * For transatlantic Wartburgers: Jeremy Corbyn is a laddie involved with politics in England and Wales and, to a certain extent, in Scotland. I rather like him, for a number of reasons.