Update on Beaverton Grace/Julie Anne Smith Lawsuit


This is a partial statement from the Beaverton Grace Bible Church Survivors blog. Link 

"The hearing was moved later than scheduled and lasted about 2 hours.  Our attorneys were very well prepared and were simply amazing.  The plaintiff's attorney told the court they were dismissing one of the defendants from the lawsuit and also some of my phrases (we still need to see the court documents).  These developments are positive.

The judge asked the attorneys to write up a "summary", no longer than 5 pages each due by a specific date and then the next (and hopefully final) hearing will be July 13."  


Update on Beaverton Grace/Julie Anne Smith Lawsuit — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for the update. There is a lot of interest in the BGBC Survivors blog (about 5,000 hits in the past 24 hours). From the variety of comments there, that interest looks to be coming from people with a broad range of perspectives theologically, degrees of support or opposition, and otherwise.

    Given the past six months and the increase in “refuge blogs” and accounts posted online from survivors of spiritual abuse, I wonder if the timing of this situation makes it a “barometer case” to watch to see which way the social pressure is going and where the “weather” might end up afterwards …

    … and it’s kind of ironic that the weather looks like it is turning out warmer and sunny with lots of light for some of us, while others they’ll find it raining on their parade.

  2. This report sounds like a preliminary hearing on the SLAPP counter by Julie’s attorneys, and that it is going well for Julie. Both sides’ attorneys are to write up a brief for the judge (5 pages is very short) on some issue in the case, likely the SLAPP counter. Unless I am mistaken, Julie is headed toward an early win. If I were the Pastor’s attorney, I would be advising settlement offers before that July hearing. It could be a very unlucky day for the church and pastor.

  3. Arce – I feel sorry for my attorney. I have by far the most claims of defamatory phrases, so it will be most difficult for her. I think I heard it mentioned there are 19 defamatory claims against me. I have apologized numerous times for being so verbose and increasing her workload. 🙂

    I just can’t stop talking about this subject. Hopefully, we will win and I’ll keep talking and talking and talking.

    You can see that she so strongly believes in free speech that she has never told me to stop blogging. Quite the contrary, she told me to continue. I’m so glad to have her representing me.

  4. Dee … I do suppose the “weather” is becoming such that one could be singing, “Don’t rain on my parade” while another is singing, “Don’t rein in my tirade.” Odd how that works … happy melody for one, hope-losing melancholy for another.

    And “futuristguy” is probably fine. I’ve been going by that for years now. Helps make it easier for me to track down comments I’ve left scattered across the blogosphere.

  5. Julie Anne,

    Thanks for the update on your website. Please know that you are continually in our prayers.

  6. And prayer for your attorney. Advocating for free speech is often a difficult task for an attorney, because everyone wants to have it for themselves but not for others.

  7. Hi Dee,

    Julie Anne just called me and wants me to give you her new cell number. Can you just send me a private email?

  8. “Scattered Across The Blogosphere…Blogging Is But A Dream?”

    HowDee YaAll,

    “Dee … I do suppose the “weather” is becoming such that one could be singing, “Don’t rain on my parade” while another is singing, “Don’t rein in my tirade.” Odd how that works … happy melody for one, hope-losing melancholy for another.” -Brad

    …But in this ‘case’, more akin to rowing, wouldn’t ya think?

    hum, hum,hum…

    …♪♫♪”Row, row, row your boat…”



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  9. I have read all of the documents that Julie Anne could provide. Her attorney is very good, and did a rather complete job in what was clearly a limited time frame. I believe that Pastor Chuck and his church will be paying Julie Anne’s attorney for that good work, since that is what the anti-SLAPP law provides.

    To me, Pastor Chuck and the Church have done more damage to their reputations by suing Julie Anne and the other defendants than Julie Anne could ever have done without their help.