All Ed Young Jr Is Saying Is “Give Me the Cash!”

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. -Mark Twain



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Ed and Lisa Young-FBC JaxWatchdog

(Yes, Ed is gesturing towards his crotch according to FBC Jax)


Imagine this. You are in the final approach to DFW airport and the landing gear is down. Just before wheels touchdown, you fly over Fellowship Church in Grapevine (directly in the landing pattern). Surrounded by spotlights and media is a huge bed. In the bed are Ed and Lisa Young holding a 24-hour vigil, pontificating about how much good Christians need sex. (My guess is that all pilots will request that particular approach to DFW on Friday). Reformers, take special note: The Sex Gospel is born!

Dee is a former member of Ed’s church

You think I am joking? Oh no, I never need to make things up about Ed Young Jr. His life is a running parody that never seems to end. You see, I was a member of Fellowship Church for a short time back in the 90s when it was called the Fellowship of Las Colinas. Ed wanted to move the church, build a castle worthy of God and acquire a huge amount of land at the crossroads of some major roads. In fact, the planes go right over the church into DFW. A number of years ago, Ed had painted on the roof to advertise the church to bored airline passengers who had their electronic devices turned off for landing.

Here is some “been there, done that” counsel for those of you who feel foolish for getting involved in a bizarre church, I say, “Welcome to the club.” I gave money to this church and was friendly with the Youngs who, for a short time, lived in my neighborhood called Hackberry Creek. That was back when they were still slumming. Just get the heck out like we did. Chalk it up to experience. Who knows? It might provide some fodder for a blog one day. If any readers would like to discuss their experiences or commiserate with an understanding ear, please find my information under “The Basics.” I would be happy to regale you with my own experiences.

Ed is SBC approved!

For those of you unaware of the number of posts we have done about the Youngs, here are a few links to get you started- link, link, and link. Also, just click on Ed’s name in on our blog's category area for more information. Approximately 1 year ago, the Youngs were under media investigation for their ridiculously extravagant lifestyle. Their excuse is this. Everyone can obtain their mansion and jet if they just give 10% of their income to Ed.

But, before you tune out, thinking he is one of those bizarre televangelists, think again. Ed is a bona fide SBC preacher. His antics, which have drawn the scrutiny of the media, sadly prove, once again, that the SBC will tolerate just about anything except women pastors.

Ed makes incredible bank off of the church.

“According to WFAA-TV News Dallas, which conducted an investigation on Young in 2010, the pastor earns a salary worth about $1 million per year and generates untold profits from various intellectual property holdings including books, sermons, television programs, and mailing lists obtained from church marketing websites.” Link

Ed allegedly owns or leases(or should I say some sort of trust owns) a mansion in Grapevine, an expensive condo in Miami, a private jet, a $10,000 espresso machine, lovely cars, and one heckuva wardrobe, etc. I once heard him complain about how much Tony Romo makes. (Don’t worry, Ed. I saw a picture of Romo’s house in Las Colinas. Your mansion on Lake Grapevine beats his).

Many questions have arisen over the fact that Ed (or maybe a corporation or two) makes money by marketing his sermons which he “owns” even though he is paid an ungodly (yep-if the shoe fits) chunk of change by the people at his church to create his sermons for Sunday.

"The Bed-In"  Ed's Latest Gospel Effort

CNN interviews Ed and Lisa about their initiative to “preach Christ.”


Here is part of the PR release 

“Sleeping in is one thing. Staying in bed for 24 hours is another. But spending 24 hours in bed, on the roof of your church is another thing altogether. But that’s exactly what Ed and Lisa Young, pastors of Fellowship Church, are doing. Beginning at 6 am Friday, January 13 and ending at 6 am Saturday, January 14, the Youngs will be in bed.

The catalyst of the “bed-in,” as they are deeming it, is the release of their new book, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse.

The book, releasing January 10, is a call for married couples to have sex for seven straight days, with the promise that the amazing results will last far beyond the week.

During the upcoming “bed-in,” which will stream live on the book’s website, Ed and Lisa will engage the audience through a number of interactive methods.

Throughout the 24 hour period, Ed and Lisa will be doing live interviews, both in person and via Skype. They will be answering relationship questions live via Twitter(the hashtag is #sexperiment) and Facebook. And some of Young’s most popular teachings about sex and relationships will be highlighted.”

FBC Jax Watchdog chimes in

Tom Rich, at the ever-excellent FBC Jax Watchdog had some further information on this series here. Please visit his site to see some "interesting" pictures that Ed uses to advertise his missionary effort. 

“Do Christians – does ANYONE – really need Ed and Lisa Young to tell them how to have a great sex life? Apparently Ed is a financial expert and tells you how to avoid curses through tithing – and now he is going to tell you how great sex can be, as though we didn't know! Do people need to be enticed to come hear his sermon series with a promo video entitled "Locations" depicting seven locations for sex in your house: the kitchen, the landing of a staircase, a car in the garage, the living room

And Fellowship Church members I'm sure are proud that their "tithes" withdrawn from their checking account are being used to produce another "Sexperiment" promo video entitled "Bang" featuring images depicting male orgasm, very similar to the images that KY Lubricants uses to sell their product lines of couples' lubricants: space shuttle launching, a car going into a tunnel, a geyser expelling water and steam – and finally a cork exploding out of a bottle with the words "Start your year off…with a BANG." Yes, Christians, you need your pastor and your church to tell you to have MORE SEX!"

Some Thoughts:

Do Ed and Lisa know that they have become the laughingstock of both Christians and the secular media? Do they care?

Ed loves face time, always has. Perhaps he is naïve, thinking that any and all attention is good attention. Or, even worse, does the potential cash flow overcome any godly inhibitions? I have spent the last couple of days perusing the secular sites. I would hope to see some interest in learning about the faith of Christians because of this series. After all, isn’t this the goal of the Great Commission?

However, except in the press releases from Ed and his publishers, I have been hard pressed to find one positive comment either by Christians or non-Christians.

Here are three sample comments from the Huffington Post on-line

  • “Why do I get the distinct impression that this stunt is strictly for the money? Your Rolls-Royce getting a little dirty and you need a new one, Pastor Young?”
  • “Can religion get more ridiculous?"
  • "Watch the bed-in? I have something more important to do like go into my basement and watch the paint peel.”

Are the Youngs assisting in the dumbing down of the evangelical church?

Mark Noll decried the state of evangelical thought back in the 90s. He said that the problem with the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind. I wonder, did he ever think about how much worse it could get?

A recently released Barna poll here states "One of the most significant gaps uncovered by the research was the fact that most people cannot recall gaining any new spiritual insights the last time they attended church," the report states.”

Can you imagine listening to this nonsense in church? I can, I listened to it back 20 years ago and found it boring and silly back then. It was evident to me that Ed was enthralled with big money and I watched as he bulldozed through anyone who disagreed with him.

Do Ed and Lisa Young have any shame?

One would think they would have learned their lesson with the media investigation and expose of their excessive lifestyle. If it were I, I would have been mortified that I had been “found out.” But, I think that such shame is found in those who really understand a commitment to serving Christ, not money. So, as long as the Youngs get to keep the dough, they have no embarrassment. As the Bible says, “The love of money is the root of all evil” Folks, you are seeing this lived out by this couple. Use them as a lesson in how NOT to do church.

Does anyone think it is coincidental that Ed’s book released the same time Mark Driscoll’s sex book, Real Marriage, is released?

I never thought I would live to see the day in which I can’t figure out which pastor is doing more of a disservice to the image of the church: Ed Young or Mark Driscoll. From a purely public relations point of view, I think Ed trumped Mark. Knowing Driscoll, he is not pleased. In fact, I find this part of the ridiculous drama rather amusing.

Does anyone out there think that Sexperiment will lead one more person to Christ or “heal” a broken marriage?

It is obvious that the Youngs don’t. Lisa told people to seek counseling prior to applying the suggestions in the book. Hmmm, are they a bit concerned they may have stepped over the line and lawyers might come to call?

Has Ed and Lisa Young’s physical appearance undergone a transformation?

I remember them when they were about 20 years younger. Various features including bone structure and hair distribution seemed to have been modified but that may be the camera angles. How does one stay 30 forever? Or could they be participating in one of the more popular pastimes of the Dallas set-a visit to the doctor? Perhaps Lisa’s cookbook on “eating raw food” is the answer?

Where are the grownups in Fellowship Church?

Is there anyone capable of standing up to Ed and telling him to settle down? Lisa has abdicated her role-nice clothes and fancy cars have silenced her. Where are the deacons or elders? Have they been fired and replaced by guys who kind of enjoy a good show?

Years ago, I asked them why people couldn’t ask questions in Sunday school class. Lisa, sitting with Ed in their latest new car, said the following. “They can’t ask questions because you don’t know what questions they will ask.” Little did I know that this would become their bottom line. No questions are allowed. And questions could not be asked because there would be many, many questions about their behavior that they could not  answer. To this day, I have been told that many questions are not accepted at FC. Here is a question to ask. What are they afraid of?

However, I then gave them my parting shot. I believe this is the last thing I ever said to them. “You have put people in charge of your Sunday school class that you don’t trust. So you must control everything that is said in the classes because you can’t trust your “teachers” to answer correctly. Where is the Holy Spirit in any of this?” They drove away, no answer.

Here is some parting thoughts for attendees at Ed’s church.

  • Did you notice I said Ed’s church? I said it for this reason. This church, in no way, reflects a Jesus that I know. It is a caricature of the Bible and you have been bamboozled, albeit by a master manipulator. Did you know that the Sermon on the Mount was not a lecture by Jesus on sexual techniques?
  • Read your Bible, very, very carefully before you read anything by Ed.
  • Visit a couple of other churches: Bent Tree Bible Fellowship and Irving Bible Church come to mind but there are many others. Listen to their pastors, talk to them. Compare them to your current leadership.
  • Go online and try to figure out why people are laughing at your pastor and his wife. Don’t fall for the old canard that people will persecute Christians. I assure you that it has nothing to do with “Christian” witness of the Youngs.
  • Ask why Ed should get paid to write his sermons on church time and then get the intellectual rights for the same sermons. Think about it. If you work for a drug company and develop a new drug, do you get the profits or does the company?
  • Compare the lifestyle of your pastor to the lifestyle and example of Jesus and the apostles. Did you know that all of the apostles, save one, died as martyrs? Do you think Ed would lay down his life for the poorest and least influential among you?
  • Check out Ed’s latest and greatest idea. Did he come up with it himself or merely “borrow” the idea from another?
  • Does Ed carefully teach the Scriptures or merely use proof-texting?
  • Think about Jesus. Do you think He would lie in a bed on the roof of some terribly expensive building and pontificate about sex?
  • Ask where all the proceeds are going from book and sermon sales, especially books developed from sermons that Ed presented in church. Remember, he is being paid handsomely from your “tithes”. Shouldn’t said money go to benefit the church?
  • If you cannot find out where the money is going, ask yourself why you feel you can trust the Youngs with your hard-earned money.
  • Are there other ministries that may be more deserving of your money? How about those that care for the destitute?
  • Look at the lives of Francis Chan and David Platt, current day pastors. Ask yourself if you think your pastor would ever give up his lifestyle to minister to sex slaves or live in an impoverished area of Dallas.
  • Talk to some people who have left the church. See if they have some common concerns. Ask why so many staff members have left. If the answer is finances, ask when the Youngs will give up their condo to help those who served so faithfully.
  • Find out if the Youngs are hiring family members and how much money they are being paid. If they won’t answer you, ask why you should tithe when they won’t answer. Would you invest in a company that hid financials reports?
  • In fact, try this. Go up to Ed and ask him how much he makes from the church, including benefits, etc. If he won’t answer, ask why.

As I draw to a close, remember this. Nothing really good ever happened on roofs in the Bible.

  • First there was David and Bathsheba?
  • Then there was Absalom in 2 Samuel 16:22:  So they pitched a tent for Absalom on the roof, and he lay with his father's concubines in the sight of all Israel. (Thanks to our commenter, Appalled for this).
  •  Then, there was Ed and Lisa.  Could it be that God is telling us something?

I leave you with this thought. Years ago, John Lennon and Yoko Ono took to their bed for a love-in to advocate for world piece. I always thought that was rather silly. However, in light of Ed’s latest stunt, John Lennon seems downright altruistic.(And he doesn't appear touched by a plastic surgeon or makeup artist). He, at least, was protesting a war. What is Ed doing? Merely selling the Gospel of Sex.  (PS Lennon coined the term "bed-in," not Ed).


1/11 10PM: Eagle's father was just diagnosed with a stroke. Please pray join us in praying for him.

Lydia's Corner: Song of Solomon 5:1-8:14 2 Corinthians 9:1-15 Psalm 51:1-19 Proverbs 22:24-25


All Ed Young Jr Is Saying Is “Give Me the Cash!” — 57 Comments

  1. Dee said:

    “As I draw to a close, remember this. Nothing really good ever happened on roofs in the Bible.”

    What a great comment, Dee! There is nothing new under the sun…

  2. Though something good did go down through the roof, when the paralytic’s friends lowered him to see Jesus and be healed…

    Anyway, I have often thought that if people have the secret to life and happiness, they would want to give it away for free, not require people to pay for it. This makes me skeptical of anyone who publishes a book under any other guise than “profit”. And that includes me, if I ever get any kind of book published.

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  4. Thanks Dee for the expose. Well written.

    A couple of thoughts. 1) there are no deacons or elders. Ed’s lasting legacy to the Church will likely be his teaching through his Creative Church Conference, to thousands of ministers, that churches should not have lay leaders, and that all deacons and elders should actually be staff members. That’s the model at FC, that’s the model he teaches, and that’s the model that so many of the Reformed churches are adopting. I mean honestly, what do lay-Christians know about running a church. Apparently we just get in the way.

    2) Ed is the only one who benefits personally from the endeavors of creative people at FC. Some of the greatest Kids programs written for Christendom are written at FC, and some of the greatest worship music written is written at FC, and not one of those staff members is allowed the option of putting their name on that. Nope, only the church benefits. And in the world of intellectual property, that’s probably not the wrong answer, but why is it different for Ed? Ed owns everything he (more likely his team) creates. That is simply not right, it is simply narcissistic. They say the Sexperiment proceeds are going to FC, but how will anyone ever really know, when any questions asked in that regard will be met with a request for you to move on. “we need your seat”.

    3) And finally. I know that Lisa is on staff, and is purported to be a very controlling influence, on Ed and the staff. And, I know that Ed’s oldest daughter is on staff. Straight out of college, straight to Executive Producer of the latest worship albums. I wonder what her background experience is. Oh yeah, she’s a Young.

    I simply cannot believe that I have become so cynical about that place, about those people, about his motives. I loved that place for over 10 years. I, like you Dee, were deceived by the hype and the smoke and the mirrors and the sound system. Now, all I truly desire is the still small voice. Speaking to me. Seeking me. Holding me. Guiding me. Instructing me. Saving me.

    I will never go back. And my prayer is that the good folks that remain will see the light, vote with their attendance, and leave that building empty for Ed to bask in all that remains. Just the smoke, just the mirrors, just the hype, just the sound of silence. And in that silence, He will speak.

  5. Looking at it in terms of talent alone it’s clear that the difference between Young and Lennon is that Lennon had some.

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  7. Dee,

    Yes, my hubby and I could definitely share some marriage secrets, but we prefer to keep intimacy details between us, unlike some high profile pastors who are trying to make bank! Yes, sex definitely sells… Why do people fall for this stuff?

  8. FormerFellow,

    Great comment! You brought up the Creative Church Conference (C3). Ed’s timing is impeccable because the conference is coming up next month, just after Valentine’s Day.

    2012 C3 Conference

    Folks, time in running out!!! If you register for C3 by January 17, the conference fee is ONLY $280. What a bargain! After that it goes up to $325 for a 3-day conference. Remember, that just gets you in the door. It doesn’t include travel, food, and lodging costs.

    C3 Pricing

    GIVE ME THE CASH is right!

  9. They had better pray the weather changes. Last night and this morning we have had 30+mph wind gusts and 34 degree temps and we are 80-90 miles south!

  10. Steve

    I actually thought of that but they had to get him off the roof and into the room with Jesus. In fact, that is exactly what Ed needs to do. Get off the roof and get with Jesus. Oh dear, wish I had thought of that before the post was written. Oh yeah-no need to worry, Ed will come up with something else that I will need to discuss.

  11. Former Fellow

    Now that was one perceptive comment. “all deacons and elders should actually be staff members. That’s the model at FC, that’s the model he teaches, and that’s the model that so many of the Reformed churches are adopting. I mean honestly, what do lay-Christians know about running a church. Apparently we just get in the way.” That model is exactly what got CJ Mahaney and Sovereign Grace Ministries into hot water.

    The first thing I learned at Bent Tree after I got out was that everyone’s thoughts mattered. I had the opportunity to go to both elders (from the congregation-Pete was the only pastor on the elders) and pastors. All were open and warm and seemed interested in what I, along with many others, had to say.

    The priesthood of the believer is vital to the healthy functioning of any church. Corinthians speaks well to the need for all believers participating in the church.When you cut off even one, the whole body suffers. For example, Ed made a terrible mistake when you left. He lost the input of the Spirit that works in you. You were vital to his church and he didn’t see it or want it. That alone shows that Ed , and Lisa, lost the true faith a long time ago.

    You are far better off seeking that still, small voice.If you hear it when it is quiet, and approach, it will grow into a beautiful chorus that only those who seek it will find. And who knows where it will take you? For me, it was this blog and soon a book. In this medium I have met the most awesome Christians who have been hurt by the church yet cling to the faith. Give me one day with them (and that includes you) than a year with the Youngs.

    For the rest of the poor souls who are being deceived, many are already suspicious but it is very hard to admit that one has made a mistake on such a vital issue. It kind of cuts to the heart of competency. But as my husband said, “we’re moderately aware of things and we were sucked in.” There is a reason that the Bible said that there will be false teachers along the way. It was a warning and so many people overlook it. I have learned a valuable lesson and now evaluate everything that is taught from the pulpit. I am a wiser Christian because of my experience, including the realization that I blew it by trusting Ed.Last night, as we fell asleep my husband said “Ed and Lisa will need to face God some day. I wonder if they understand that.”

    Wave at Hackberry for me as you pass it on 635. It played a significant role in my life and I met some good people there. As for LBJ, I still have a recurring nightmare that I am traveling in the HOV lane and the guy stops in front of me and I can’t stop. I always wake up in a sweat! Keep me posted on the doings at FC.

  12. “Does anyone think it is coincidental that Ed’s book released the same time Mark Driscoll’s sex book, Real Marriage, is released?”

    No coincidence here–the SBC has a long history of copying what other churches/publishers are doing, seemingly because the SBC can’t stand the thought that folks might be getting fed elsewhere–and exposing themselves to unorthodox ideas and practices. (N.B.: In no way do I intend to suggest that anyone is being fed by Mark Driscoll’s book. Or at least, being fed anything good or worthwhile). Here are two examples:

    1. In Evansville, Indiana (where I did my undergrad work) in the early 90’s, one of the bigger non-denominational churches started an after-school and weekend youth/young adult outreach program called “Planet Evansville.” It was so popular and effective that by the time the next school year rolled around, the largest SBC church in town started its own version–“Planet Jesus,” which presumably was superior because of the more spiritual name.

    2. More years than not, LifeWay’s VBS theme is identical or very close to the theme of one of the other popular publishers. Copying is bound to happen in the publishing industry, but it seems to be more pervasive at LifeWay than at any other company. Case in point, Lifeway and Group (the best-selling VBS) both have an aviation-themed VBS this year: and There’s a little more differentiation here than some years, but LifeWay almost never has a truly unique theme, unlike the others.

  13. Sense playboy Ed is considered a good old boy in the SBC why haven’t we heard from some of the big shots condemning this charade? I guess they must approve or are too cowardly to speak up. I left the SBC years ago and will never ever go back.

  14. “I remember them when they were about 20 years younger. Various features including bone structure and hair distribution seemed to have been modified but that may be the camera angles. How does one stay 30 forever?”

    I noticed the same thing. They both look like they’ve had work done on themselves. Neither one looks authentic. There is most definitely an artificial look to them. With their vanity, money, and pride, it isn’t surprising.

    As a mother of 4, I keep thinking about their children in this situation. I am embarrassed for their kids. I don’t care how old or mature they are.

    We’re all sexual beings, and we should raise our children with a healthy sexuality. I am a firm believer in answering kids’ questions with age-appropriate and correct information. Every kid should have a parent who prepares them and instructs them and guides them in the area of sexuality. But I draw the line on exploiting my marriage, sexuality, and intimacy with my husband for any reason. It’s inappropriate and ungodly. No one, especially their children, should be exposed to the Youngs’ bed-in, their sexperiment, details of their sexuality and intimacy or even the innuendos.

    If they want to become Christian sex therapists, go back to school, get licensed, and open a professional PRIVATE clinic. But that’s not the point, as Dee pointed out. They don’t REALLY want to help Christians have a closer, more intimate, healthier marriage. They want to shock, create a frenzy, garner attention, and sell books.

    I’m sure they’ve conditioned their kids to repress their feelings about Dad’s (and Mom’s) latest tricks and stunts. They’ve probably convinced themselves that what they do isn’t hurting their kids.

  15. Arce –

    “Longjohns” – Funny! And with that bad weather coming will we here that they really had to trust the Lord to see them through this difficult calling to be on the roof? Sheesh – I pray these people get a dose of the real world real soon!

  16. Hi Dee,

    Regarding 2Sam 16:22…I don’t think it was me who mentioned this. But I agree with it! And great article, by the way. “Nothing good ever happened on roofs.” Ha, ha. That was awesome.

  17. Bill
    From your mouth to the leaders of the SBC. You are one of the statistics of their schizophrenic application of SBC rules. They selectively apply their doctrine, resulting in a denomination that tacitly encourages an Ed Young, ignores the pedophilia problem in any concrete way and loudly condemns women pastors and leaders.

    They wonder why people are leaving, including you and me. They have the answer but they will not listen until they start battling one another. And that day is coming-the seeds have been planted. It makes me sad to see a once great light for the faith, turning to the dim light of incoherency.

  18. God sent one of my favorite Bible heroes, Hushai the Archite, to frustrate Absalom’s rooftop schemes.

  19. Wow that Ed is so good looking and that Lisa looks so foxy in that leopard print top, doesn’t she? I bet a lot of the ladies have the hots for Ed, don’t you think? Now there’s a man that knows how to please a woman, in all the right places, including the garage! Yavooom!

    Ladies, if after 26 years of marriage and four kids you don’t look like a hot dish that your husband wants to eat up on the kitchen table (or in some other location), then you just might not be a Christian. Or at least not a very good one! Get with the program and eat raw food, hire a personal trainer, and give those sagging boobs a boost so that your ‘breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of the gazelle that browse among the lilies.’

    And if you are a single man or woman, God can be in your bed, too! Just keep a bible under your pillow.

  20. Just make sure it’s an ESV or an NAS (if you’re old school) and not an NIV or RSV. Be absolutely sure it’s not the Jerusalem Bible or the JPS version from those folks who don’t know Jesus. Especially make sure it’s not NRSV or TNIV, right?

  21. Maybe they need the money from book sales to get a few more upgrades on the aging, decaying bods? The rest of us should be sure to spend our money to keep them looking good! Forget about the poor and destitude. Ed and company need your hard earned money. Disgusting.

  22. WTH
    I use my NIV Study Bible with pride and consider it a one woman protest against Biblical snobbery.

  23. The main reason I don’t have an NIV is just that I’ve been without a job for 26 months. I have the other translations I mentioned. There are good and bad points about each translation. Over time I noticed the NAS stuck to the Masoretic text even when the translation came out garbled whereas the RSV would switch to the LXX as a reference when the MT was considered trippy. While it’s true the NRSV wipes out the son of Man idiom in the psalms I don’t see why anyone should be reading just one translation of the Bible if they don’t know Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and the other languages. One of the things I like about the Jerusalem Bible’s handling of Isaiah, for instance, is preserving the abrupt linguistic shift in one of Isaiah’s oracles that very literally shows how the Israelites by will bossed around by a people whose language they don’t speak. My memory may be rusty on that one but it’s a for instance of how I’ve benefited from not limiting myself to a single translation.

  24. WTH
    Send me an address via our email link and I will send you an NIV-I have an extra one that has a lot of extras. Plus, it furthers my cause of being a one woman protester against Biblical elitism.

  25. Interested to know why Ed isn’t making his wife submit and be silent. After all, she is talking IN PUBLIC about God. But I guess the Youngs can make exceptions for PR’s sake.

  26. Former Baptist
    Ed doesn’t give two hoots about doctrine. He was once quoted in the Dallas Morning News as saying that doctrine just gets people confused. Remember this is a guy who is best buddies with Joel Osteen. Theology was never Ed’s strong point. I think he ignores it to give him plausible deniability (I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to live in mansions on earth…).
    Listen, Lisa is in this up to her heavily made up eyeballs. Ed chose well-Bonnie and Clyde comes to mind.

  27. Seriously, this is just another male chauvinist perspective on the Bible. Men tend to see everything through the lens of sex. But more than that, Ed knows that sex sells. Lisa is submissive and goes along with it because it keeps her regular jewelry, botox, hair treatments, luxury SUVs and the like coming in. With FC’s attendance waning in the past couple years, they take to the rooftops proclaiming that sex is their focus, ignoring the fact that 60% of their members are SINGLE. Their priorities are so out of whack, and that is a result of the incessant need of them to be in front of the camera and in the limelight. Fellowship church has become nothing more than a vehicle to fun Ed Young’s media aspirations. They are about as credible as Jim and Tammy Faye.

  28. Mark

    The sad part of this is that the Youngs do not care. So long as the money comes in, they are happy. They have not dialed back on the lifestyle one iota. But, their little bed in did not turn out as planned. I will be fascinated to see how this is spun tomorrow in church. Perhaps Satan attacked their godly endeavor?

  29. Paula
    I knew her quite well. Her facial features appear to have changed. Ed’s have as well. Dallas has one of the largest number of plastic surgeons outside of LA. It is a favorite past time of many folks.

    It used to freak me out, walking down the halls of a Christian school, and seeing women with stretched out faces from recent surgeries. When they smiled, is was sort of a grimace. But, it eventually would loosen up and soon the next body part would be treated.

    True confession. I used to have blond highlights put in my hair. But, there seemed to be more and more going in so that I would look up to date. When I finally returned to Raleigh, 10 years later, an old friend saw me and said, “You’ve gone light blond.” I took a good hard look at myself and realized she was right. i had been Dallasized!! I am back to a more natural (read natural fake) look now!

    It reminds me of Dolly Parton (who cracks me up). She was asked by an interviewer how she felt about being thought of as a dumb blonde. She answered “I’m not dumb (and she is not) and I am NOT a blonde.

  30. In defence of good things can happen on rooftops too: Rahab hid the two spies sent by Joshua to check out Jericho on the rooftop of her inn so that the king’s men wouldn’t arrest them.

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  32. I am still waiting for the day when Ed denies Jesus in front of the whole FC crowd. I’m pretty certain he will eventually go the Joel Osteen route and deny Jesus. (just like Joel did on Larry King Live).

    IF that will not wake up the remaining people at FC to get the heck outta there, I do not know what will.

    I think Ed is a sick pervert and has a screw loose somewhere.

    THANK YOU for continuing to expose this false teacher.

  33. Jessica
    Fame and money, two things that destroy most men, have contributed to his fall. he should sell his possessions and go live among the poor for a few years, He and lIsa would be better off for it. But, they wouldn never do such a thing. It is too far from shopping.

  34. Thank you Ed for staying faithfully married for 25-30 years.
    Thanj you Ed for not skipping that part of the bible that talks about sex like so many lame, irrelevant churches do.
    Thank you Ed for sharing the life-changing message of God’s grace ever chance you get.
    Thank you Ed for also sharing how great our lives can be blesses and enhanced after we diligently commit to the tithe.
    Thank you Ed for sharing FC’s creativity with other churches when you dont have to do that.
    Thank you Ed for understanding how important the kid’s ministry is and having the best kid’s ministry on planet Earth.
    Thank you Ed for living so clean that even thousands of nay-sayers cannot find dirt on you.
    Thank you Ed for all the money you and LIsa have given away over the years.

  35. Thank You
    I hope you have told him about your comment. He will be very pleased with you. Just don’t become old and poor. BTW, maybe he will give you a ride in the jet and let you stay at the Miami condo now.

  36. I have gone to Fellowship for 21 years. You mention Irving Bible and Bent Tree. I’ve heard great things about both and have good friends that attend both churches. My father-in-law was the pastor at Irving Bible before the current pastor. I’ve grown up in church. I remember when Ed spoke about seeing church from his non-churched college basketball teammates point of view….Growing up where everything has to be decoded from the Latin base word, it is refreshing to know that I can bring a friend to church and they can “get” it. I appreciate the way we explain how to become a Christian and living the Christian life in clear, simple, applicable truths that are culturally relevant. If it ever gets “deeper” than helping reach lost souls and discipling them, then let me know. Your deep-seeded bitterness at FC is puzzling. I don’t go to FC just for Ed Young. I usher, voluteer in several ministries and am part of a great home team. I’m sure you don’t want to hear about the happy and healthy FC member like me. Dude, watch the bitterness. I hope you spend as much time sharing your faith as you do spreading rumors about what ” must be going on at FC.” It’s not all about Ed; it’s about the life-change that is going on due to the greatness of OUR God. I’m sure your church has these stories too. Wouldn’t your website be better suited in sharing what God has done/is doing through Christians?

  37. Whitney
    ” Dude, watch the bitterness.” I am so sorry but i have to laugh. You do know, don’t you, that the bitterness word is shallow Christianese used to attempt to marginalize those with legitimate concerns. In fact, you may not use Latin but you sure use lingo.Putting “dude” in front of it does not make it hip.

    You said “it is refreshing to know that I can bring a friend to church and they can “get” it.” What do they get? Tithe and you too will get jets and mansions? I plan to do a post on the “hymn” “Let’s Get It On” which was sung during one of your relevant church services. I am sure that Jesus grooved to that one as well.There is a reason your church was investigated by the media, unlike Irving Bible. There is something very concerning going on. You have swallowed the kool-aid but deep down inside, you know something is off kilter.

    As for my “witnessing” you have no need to be concerned. One day, in heaven, all will be revealed. I play for an audience of One and I think of Him as I do this blog. You see, I am “sharing what God has done/is doing through Christians?” And let me tell you, stuff has been “done” to people in the name of FC. I intend to shine to light on this so the next time someone is treated like a piece of human detritus and given the right boot of fellowship, they will know that they are not alone. One day, you may come to understand the number of people deeply wounded by the “ministry” at FC.I know about them, they show up here. Keep them in your prayers.

  38. Believe me, being “hip” is not a concern I have.  I am far from shallow, just to set the record straight;-) And no, I don’t think the term “hymn” was thought about when Marvin Gaye pinned the classic, Let’s Get it On. The context of when this song was performed was absolutely acceptable (of this, I am sure we disagree!) 

     I see and hear that you personally have had experiences with FC, probably Ed and Lisa, that you left the church regarding.  I am not blaming you for that; however, calling me shallow has nothing to do with the situation you are truly upset about.  I’m sure you have very valid reasons for leaving the church. I just don’t happen to share those feelings.

     My point is that there are very devoted and active Christians that attend FC. Don’t dog some of your fellow believers because of issues you personally have with Ed. Do I agree with every decision that FC has made in the time I have attended? No way!  I am not on staff at FC but have been on staff at other churches and here’s what I’ve found: There is not a perfect church. I have had a few friends that were on staff at FC and let go in ways that I am very unhappy with; however, those situations have not lead me to leave the church. I am very confident in my walk with the Lord and know that I am at the church He has called me to. Don’t you worry about me drinking the koolaid. I am a very well-educated gal and confident in my ability to look at the media accusations  and make decisions based off of the information presented regarding Ed, Lisa and FC. 

    You asked what I mean by what my friends “get” from attending FC. Well, for some, it was where they first bowed the knee to Christ; for others, it was the divorce recovery class where a friend found that, in Christ, she could get through the worst nightmare ever imagined. Still, for others, it was the Faith-N-Fertility class where by supporting one another and praying for each other, they were comforted while on the journey to start a family. Maybe it was the Belize, Haiti, or Love Your Neighbor mission work that has challenged my privileged existence in a quest to leave it all on the line for Christ and see that He is all that I need. What about the volunteer in the children’s area that has now accepted Christ all because her son was taught about the loving arms of God through Adventure Week? You see, it is not what Ed says, does or doesn’t do. No, no. My membership is based on way more than what my pastor brings on any given weekend. For me, Fellowship is about corporately worshipping with God’s family, being challenged by scripture, being held accountable by my amazing small group, and about the person that comes for the first time to see, hear and experience church in a way that is relevant and living. 

    I know there are many wonderful churches in this area. I am sure your church has some amazing pieces to it too. We are ALL the body of Christ….we agree on so many things….I wish we could stop tearing down one another long enough to show the world what a truly GREAT God we serve. There is so much to agree on! Can’t we pick just one thing??? 

    I will keep those that come to your church in my prayers as you asked. We see many come to us in similar ways, all needing prayers for healing from various situations. My husband was one of those needing restoration and healing 21 years ago, and I’m glad that Fellowship came knocking. Yep, hard to believe, “that Fellowship Church” participates in good old-fashioned door knocking…

  39. Whitney
    You do a very good job writing about your experience at FC. You say it so well that I might be tempted to think that you have been coached carefully in what to say. Here is why I don’t buy what you are writing. Not once have you showed concern for those who have been deeply hurt by the “ministry” at FC.This missive is all about Ed and Lisa and FC. It always has been since the beginning of that church-Ed and Lisa then FC.You have no idea the number of people who have landed here who have been given the right boot of fellowship from you gracious and loving church. Your church has produced a fair amount of people who do not think fondly of their experience.

    You said “I am a very well-educated gal and confident in my ability to look at the media accusations and make decisions based off of the information presented regarding Ed, Lisa and FC.” This has to be one of the best doublespeak lines I have heard on this blog. If you can blow off the amount of money flying around at FC then you deserve exactly what you get. Unfortunately this well educated gal doesn’t buy what you are saying.

  40. Whitney
    Thank you for being so persistent. My mind got off FC. Now, I am thinking about y’all again and shall write more soon.

  41. Coached? No, but thanks for the compliment! lol! By who? Ed and Lisa who I have never had a personal conversation with? Here’s my next challenge: I’m sure you see my email address, since I have to leave it to post…feel free to email me and I’ll be glad to meet you anywhere in the Metroplex in person! I’m not sure what you don’t buy? That I am who I say I am? That life change does really happen at FC? I highly doubt you will take me up on this offer to meet.

    It’s amazing to me that I talk to you about life change (as a Christian) and that is ignored by you (as a Christian). I speak about close friends who have been released from FC staff and tell you that I don’t agree with how it was handled and you still write, “I show no concern for those hurt by the ministry of FC” I say that I am praying for your church and people that come to your church heavy-hearted and still I show no concern for others?? Did you fail to read portions of my above post?

    So, where to meet????

    Let’s Get It On…..oh,sorry…no pun intended:-)