The Great Commission Task Force Are a Bunch of Wusses

"The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost"  

 -Jeremiah Wright



Cowards run the greatest dangers of any men in a battle”


Recently, a thoughtfully educated student at Liberty University called your glamorous blogettes, “morons”. Obviously, his superior intellect judged our intelligence lacking. We were sooo hurt. However, since reviewing the brouhaha over the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR), I am beginning to fear that he was right. Why? Because I just don’t get it.


One of the first things I learned when I became a Christian was the Great Commission. As Jesus was about to rejoin His Father, He left us with an important message.



From Matthew 28:18-20 in the NIV: “18Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (Bible Gateway)


The Great Commission quite simply means to preach the Gospel to everyone, make disciples of everyone, and teach everyone to obey what Christ has commanded. This is no big secret. Jesus did not convene a conclave to secretly plot out his scheme for world domination. None of the disciples held powwows to conspiratorially decide to “spread the Good News”. They just did it. They witnessed so much that they were arrested, tortured, sent to the lions, and run out of town. Yet, they did not stop from proclaiming the Good News…


However, today’s SBC Great Commission Resurgence Task Force has mandated that their discussions regarding this GCR plan be handled like some sort of black ops worthy of an episode on “24”. (Maybe "Get Smart" would be a better description)


By the way, just because an organization calls itself “Baptist” doesn’t mean that it is behaving in a Christian manner. In fact, I think the GCR leadership is made up of a bunch of “WUSSES!” Yep, scaredy cats, mama’s boys, weenies, jazzbo’s, etc., etc.


Why? Because I can’t find one explanation that shows these folks to have any strength of conviction. They are just plumb afraid that people will be “mad at them” if they hear about the proceedings of such meetings. Poor babies……



So, this “stupid” woman has a simple question? WHY????????????????


I have searched and searched for an explanation, and the best one I could find was on Wade Burleson’s website.


If this individual is correct, then the SBC is in deep trouble. (Note 6/16:  We do not know whether or not this person actually believes what he has written. We shall assume that his remarks were put forth as theories. )


Let’s take a look at the explanation presented by this commenter.




“ As a former VP candidate mentioned: "Gotcha-media." The current climate of the SBC is filled with a lot of hostility. How often have the words of this very blog been misunderstood (at best), twisted, mischaracterized and used against the author. Sealing the records protect the GCR members from that type of abuse and that is a fair protection to offer them. Think about how many people are angered by this report. Bloggers, Executive Committee members, NAMB employees, convention workers, and Pastors. Opening the records gives a LOT of people with platforms to do a lot of damage access to material that they could easily mischaracterize and twist for their own gain. Look, I know none of us are going to feel sorry for Ronnie Floyd if his words are used against him in some way. But keep in mind there are 20-something other people on this Task Force. It is honorable, not deplorable, to protect those people from having rocks cast at them”. 



We, the stupid sheep, are unable to understand the higher purposes of this committee. We might, in our stupidty, get upset and use their words against them. These poor task force members do not have the strength of character to stand up to controversy. So, instead of depending on the Holy Spirit to give them courage, they depend on locks and guards.


Furthermore, why would rocks be cast at them for encouraging the faithful to fulfill the Great Commission? There is a simple answer. This is NOT about the Great Commission. The Great Commission is simply a smoke screen for another agenda, which usually means politics and money.


Also, notice, they are very afraid of bloggers. Good! My fellow bloggers are doing their job keeping these “fraidy cats” accountable.



“People make mistakes. We have all been in a meeting and said something that we regretted. Something that wasn't fair and was either not an accurate representation of what we feel or was accurate but we were just wrong. In such a scrutinized report as the GCR, innocent mistakes (not stuff driven by ego and pride) could (read: will most certainly) be blown up to massive issues (see number one above!).”



There are some things that they don’t want you to know. In Wade Burleson’s book, “Hardball Religion” (which got the SBC honchos miffed off), Burleson mentions a little incident about a knife that was pulled by one of the godly members of the IMB. Such an insignificant thing shouldn’t be relayed to the stupid sheep out there, should it? They might get their noses out of joint.


Yesterday, a video was released which showed one of our yahoo North Carolina (we are North Carolinians) Democrat representatives, Bob Etheridge, grabbing the arm and neck of a college student who had the audacity to ask him the following question: “Do you fully support President Obama’s policies?” This video clearly shows a man unhinged and will probably affect his campaign, as well it should.


Now, Etheridge will have to act like a real man and explain his stupid actions. Real men can say, “I was wrong.” Real men can say, “Wish I could take it back.” SBC wusses appear to be cowards who do not have the fortitude to defend their convictions or apologize for their mistakes. Man up, boys and girls!




“Evaluate the report – not the people who compiled it or what they said while creating it. The fact that Ronnie Floyd is leading the GCR has already undermined this to some degree. But Southern BaptistS need to set aside some differences for the next little bit and evaluate the ideas in the report FAIRLY based on their merits and potential effectiveness. Keeping the records sealed takes the focus off WHAT was said and WHO said it and puts the focus on the critical decisions at hand. Do you think, in the current environment, Southern Baptists are mature enough to do this if the records were made public!? If so, please call me to discuss a bridge I am selling”.




Most Baptists are not as mature as this exceptional person. the GCR and the GCR leadership. If he is correct then it would appear that the GCR and SBC leadership clearly understands the issues, and the rest of us immature morons do not! He/she then lectures us on how to read the report since we are clearly unable to do so without “Cliff Notes.” We, the stupid, need to read the report and evaluate the points, not the personalities behind the points.

Egads! Has this person ever If this person is correct and the GCR crowd believes this, has the committee ever taken a basic English Literature course? Why do we always study the author along with the book? Because, to understand the book, one needs to understand the intent of the author!!!!!


Methinks this writer knows  suspects that there are issues with those on the committee. That is why we are being told to ignore them. Remember “the man behind the curtain” in “The Wizard of Oz?” When Dorothy and her friends pulled back the curtain, they discovered he wasn’t a wizard at all – only an insecure techie. But, not wanting to be found out, he had his fake wizard say, “Ignore the man behind the curtain.” Apparently, that is what the GCR Task Force wants us to do. That would be a big mistake.


The members of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force have mixed motives. It is important to understand who these people are, how they stand to benefit from their involvement, and whether or not they have even fully participated in the committee meetings.


A word of caution… There is both prestige and money associated with this group. I would like to ask that the leadership release how much money is being paid to the GCR Task Force along with thecompensation of time and travel expenses, etc. In Burleson’s book, I learned that committee membership can involve fancy hotels, lovely venues, great meals, and other perks. All of this, of course, on Grannie’s tithe.


There is only one part of the GCR report that would need to be kept confidential. That would involve any missionary planning of closed countries such as those in the Muslim world; however, that portion could be kept out of the general report and everyone would understand.


But, as I have said, this report seems to have very little to do with the Great Commission. Seriously, when Jesus returned to His Father, do you think He gave secret reports to His disciples? If Dan Brown happens to be reading, he may find fodder to write “The GCR Code”. The plot could involve the GCR Task Force actually being the possessors of some secret scrolls written by Jesus.


Embarrassing moments are part of human life. We all insert our feet in our mouths from time to time. And all of us put on our adult panties and deal with it. In fact, the Bible clearly recounts embarrassing episodes. There was the “Hey, can we sit on your left and right sides when you come into your kingdom” incident by  James and John. Then there was the “I’ll never deny you” statement of Peter.


What is so wrong about letting our weaknesses be recorded? The only reason I can think of not to do so is that these folks know they are going to say something dumb, and they don’t believe the Holy Spirit will protect them. Maybe their egos are just a tad too big and their faith too small? (Maybe their hearts are three sizes too small as well.)


Jesus knew His followers would be persecuted, tortured, and martyred. Yet, He said He would send them a Helper to carry them through. I wonder if this committee actually believes that the Holy Spirit is powerful? They seem to think they need to do this on their own.


Now, there may be other reasons for this “top secret” approach to witnessing, but I can’t think of any. But, because I am a “moron” I may need help. Any good thoughts out there?


In the meantime, I need to investigate sightings of black helicopters at the SBC Annual Meeting in Orlando. Calling Jack Bauer……..


The Great Commission Task Force Are a Bunch of Wusses — 15 Comments

  1. The meetings and discussions should have been open all along; if they had been, no one would need to consider keeping then sealed.

    I believe that the intent of establishing the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force was so that select power brokers could restructure the SBC to their liking — which is primarily to further consolidate and centralize power and control. They chose the phrase Great Commission so people would not oppose it for fear of being anti-evangelism (“What? You mean you’re not FOR the Great Commission??”). They chose the term Resurgence to associate it with the Conservative Resurgence, so people would be not oppose it for fear of being a considered a “liberal” (“What?? You’re not FOR the efforts of Bible-believers to mount resurgences of our primary principals??”)

    I also believe it is very likely that the deliberations will make it plain that the GCRTF members have a long-term agenda (10-15 years, like the Conservative Resurgence) to restructure the SBC, and that this year’s recommendations are just step 1 in the long-term plan.

    The GCRTF members know that much change too quickly would be rejected. They also know that people would likely reject this “phase 1” if they knew what the long term plan was. That’s my opinion, anyway.

    I’m not at all surprised that the powerful politicians in SBC leadership, just like Washington politicians, want to keep their discussions out of the public eye — they don’t want people to know what they are really up to.

  2. There was an amendment to the motion to unseal the records to have the lawyers in consultation with GCRTF members review and release “selected portions” of the records so as to give “a window of transparency” into the proceedings. Johnny Hunt argued that it would be cost prohibitive to bring in the lawyers and cull through all those records, not to mention the process would be “arbitrary.” I agree but have a simple solution for that — release the entire record and be done with it. But more importantly I argue that it was cost prohibitive to form this committee and jet them all over the country to meet, eat, vacay, and do whatever they did that needs to be kept secret in the first place.

    Note to David Platt: Abandon ship! The SBC is a gasping, sinking ship. Get out now and continue doing what you’re doing which is truly carrying out the GC. Do not let the anchor of SBC bureaucracy drag you under with them.

    Listening to Platt speak with that sobby, overly dramatic style of his drives me nuts, but the guy seems sincere and seems to “get” what the GC is all about. The members of the GCRTF apparently do not.

  3. Interesting post- I actually was the one who posted those comments on Wade’s blog. For clarity: I am not a pastor or close to any type of SBC pastor/leader/power-broker. And, while I attend an SBC church I certainly don’t consider myself to “be” a Southern Baptist- I am not even from the south! I am just a 30 yr old guy with a regular job…I know nothing about what happened in the GCR meetings. I have ZERO inside knowledge. And FOR THE RECORD: I don’t personally think the GCR records should be sealed!

    In my response to Wade’s post I was simply trying to offer some of the reasons why those who support the sealing of the report might do so and explain that there might actually be SOME legit reasons for that type of position. I was trying to balance out the discussion and attempt to “de-vilify” some of the GCR. I think reasonable people acknowledge that there ARE SOME legit reasons to keeping the records sealed and I was tying to give some of those reasons…However, I think an attitude of transparency should trump everything else. So you could say I was playing devil’s advocate.

    What I don’t appreciate AT ALL is your assumption that I somehow think I am a more “mature” and “exceptional person” or that I think that I “clearly understands the issues, and the rest of us immature morons do not!” I never called anyone sheep, never said anyone was stupid. You are projecting that attitude into my words and that is unfair. I don’t think ANY of my words even suggest that. I did not call out any one person or group of people. And when I refer to the level of maturity in the SBC- believe me that includes myself first!

    I get it that you disagree with those points (I do too!)…you actually make a lot of good arguments that I agree with

    But please, discuss them without pretending to know me, who I am, or what my motives are/were. I think is a fair request. In a lot of ways this post shows all that is wrong with the SBC culture right now- you have legit reasons to disagree with me but chose to not simply debate the points I made. Your snarky remarks about me thinking I am above the SBC sheep remove any potential of having an honest discussion. Isn’t that EXACTLY what so many of us found off-putting about the GCR? The attitude was “if you don’t support this you don’t love the Great Commission.” When in reality smart, Christlike, missional people CAN have different conclusions. You chose to attack my character/intellect and motives JUST like so many SBC power-players do. Ironic.

  4. Hi “those are my words”,

    You totally missed my point. This is not a tirade against you. You are correct. I don’t know you and would not presume to understand your thoughts. Please read again what I said. I searched diligently for any other options for the secrecy deal other than the obvious which is that this has nothing to do with the Great Commission.

    I assumed that your words were merely theorizing what some in the GCR were thinking. I did not attribute those possibilities to your belief system. I did not know that you actually believed. I actually thought you had some pretty good insights into probable scenarios.

    I apologize if you thought that I attacked your character, intellect and motives. In fact, I admire your intellect because you came up with some original thinking about some other theories that I, not so high on the intellect scale, had never considered.

    I left the SBC over one year ago and attend a nondenominational church at this time. I left the SBC over issues like this. This blog deals with a number of issues within Christendom and not just the SBC.

    However, you are right on one point and you will see that I have made a correction. I did say “this person” when I should have said “If what this person says is true, then the GCR +leadership think they are more mature.” That is what I meant. I hope the changes make sense.

    However, you did say the following “Do you think, in the current environment, Southern Baptists are mature enough to do this if the records were made public!? If so, please call me to discuss a bridge I am selling”.

    Are you saying that you put yourself into the category of those Southern Baptists who are not mature? If so, you may need to correct your statement because it sure sounds as if you were referring to your own maturity when you said that you have a bridge for sale.

    I find that many people are clearly capable of understanding the give and take of a debate. I have great faith in the average person who usually know baloney when he hears it.

  5. Hi “not a stepford” (love that name)

    I agree with you on David Platt. My daughter sometimes attends his church in Birmingham and believes this guy is very sincere in his desire to reach out. But, the SBC has a tendency to eat its own. I can’t imagine the honchos liking this guy actually eschewing a fancy lifestyle and living amongst the poor.

    He will either need to downplay that part or the big boys will attempt to quiet him down.Can you see the likes of Patterson and Mohler giving it up and living on the down low? I kind of get the giggles thinking about it.

  6. Junkster

    Once again you have nailed the “real” issue. This is totally about politics and power and the SBC big boys play it like it is Washington. I have begun to think that the SBC does not stand for Jesus but for some version of a political system. Way too many of them seem to relish playing the role of the Pharisee.

  7. “I also believe it is very likely that the deliberations will make it plain that the GCRTF members have a long-term agenda (10-15 years, like the Conservative Resurgence) to restructure the SBC, and that this year’s recommendations are just step 1 in the long-term plan.”

    I agree. I also see lots of “generational” power being passed down. That could be part of it, too.

  8. You could have picked a better way to write this post. If you disagree with the decision, write a well-reasoned post where you articulate your disagreements. Instead, you questioned whether or not the members of the Task Force believe in the Holy Spirit, essentially called them cowards, said they have mixed motives, and claim that they have small faith and small hearts. You obviously fancy yourself as a journalist, what evidence do you have to question this group’s character like this?The answer is none. You will retort that you would have the evidence but they won’t release it, but I would ask if it is possible that they asked to have the record closed for 15 years to protect others and not themselves.
    The other thing that you are missing here is that the majority of those who were present at the Annual Meeting voted to keep the records closed. It was completely out the Task Force’s hands. I have been to six SBC Annual Meetings. There is absolutely no way to exercise mind control over that group. It is a free for all. I have seen Convention big wigs get voted down and seen the messengers side with the little guy from the middle of nowhere. The premise of your entire post falls apart here.
    I know that you meant the talk of 24 and helicopters to mock the secrecy of the Task Force’s proceedings, but it could be equally applied to the way that you see some kind of conspiracy at work.

  9. Scott

    I do not fancy my self a journalist. I fancy myself a Christian who is sick and tired of the nonsense that I have seen in the evangelical church. I recently left the SBC last year after a wretched experience in an SBC church. I have watched Patterson and cronies ruin a once great denomination.

    And just in case you think I am one of those lefties, I am extremely conservative and have joined a conservative Bible church.

    I am sick and tired with leaders saying they are doing one thing and manipulating the results to accomplish something entirely different.

    What “membership” voted to keep things secret? A few thousand folks that either are buddies with the “leaders” or those who have been told they are supposed to “submit” and not “gossip?”

    Sir, you are hemorrhaging members-these two bloggers are amongst them. If you were really smart, you would think carefully about what we are saying. We are providing you with our thoughts about the reasons for the serious problems in the SBC.

    We are providing you a service unlike some of the sycophants within the SBC who write books that say that kids are deserting the faith because we don’t teach them about young earth creationism and then come up with some stupid idea that if parents come to all of the youth group meetings, baptisms would skyrocket.

    No, sir, the problems are far, far deeper. I would think you would be grateful that there are a few people out there who are actually telling you how things look to the outsiders, which, thankfully, I am now one. We are two very involved conservatives who have run as far away as we can from this nonsense. Listen.

    I stand by my words. The GCR are a bunch of cowards. They cannot stand the courage of their convictions. We all know this has nothing to do with the Great Commission. And any red-blooded Christian should be furious that this wussie committee would co-opt such a glorious command by Jesus into a self-serving agenda.

    And, I am still looking for the black helicopters-I have good reason to do so.

  10. “I stand by my words. The GCR are a bunch of cowards. They cannot stand the courage of their convictions. We all know this has nothing to do with the Great Commission. And any red-blooded Christian should be furious that this wussie committee would co-opt such a glorious command by Jesus into a self-serving agenda.”

    The problem with your words here is that you have no basis for this statement. These men stood by the courage of their convictions about this report for a long time. They have been ripped to shreds in the Baptist world. I have seen their integrity and character questioned time and time again.

    I honestly do not see how the Task Force recommendations are a “self-serving agenda.” They free up more money to send more missionaries around the world. They get more resources out of the South (which is where I live) and into areas where we need a greater focus. They allow IMB missionaries to work among international people groups in this country. The main sticking point was over “Great Commission Giving” and I still have some reservations about this.

    In 2009, the messengers to the Convention voted to have the President appoint this Task Force. They did what they were asked to do and presented the report to the Convention. The messengers approved it. There were steps all along the way were this could have been voted down and it wasn’t.

    I agree with you that there are issues in the SBC. I have seen guys abuse their position in terrible ways, but that does not mean that everyone in leadership does it. It appears to this reader that your disillusionment with some leaders colors the way that you see all of them.

  11. Scott

    There is absolutely no reason for the secrecy. If it is all just hunky dory, like you say, then they would release the records. If this is all about fulfilling the Great Commission, and it was just about the examples you gave, then why in the world keep the proceedings a secret? Unless you were a part of this committee, you don’t know and neither do I.

    As for the nice folks who are members of this committee, they have as much propensity for sin as the rest of us. That is why there should be full accountability. I just heard that they don’t want to give the names of some who told them some “stuff.” There is a thing that is called a bleep which would protect their name. So, I don’t buy it.

    You are skirting the elephant in the room. I said it at the start of my post. I must be a moron because I just don’t get it. And if I don’t, I can well assure that others don’t as well. Please listen to what I say. Even if you disagree with me, you will at least understand why some view the “new and improved” SBC with a jaundiced eye.

    Also, I would suggest that you don’t use the “ho-hum” argument that because I saw creepy behavior in some pastors, I attribute such behavior to to all. This is a tactic that is often used to turn the disagreement back at the person who raises the issue. Others like the word, “bitter.” In other words, I am the problem so, “poof,” the real problem disappears.

    I love my pastors, I respect guys like Burleson and folks like the Briscoes. I like David Platt. I mourn the passing of Michael Spencer whose wonderful book, Mere Churchianity, I am now reading. Do I really need to list the names of those I like? So please cut out this silly nonsense. I suggest you read the book called “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse”. It outlines these tactics.

    I appreciate that you are taking the time to comment. You care about the SBC and, Lord knows, they need lots of people to care and pray. However, you have failed to convince me. Maybe you have some other arguments. I will be glad to consider further points. I did make that point in my post.

    But I do plead with you to be straightforward and not use tactics to obfuscate my concern for the integrity of the faith.

  12. My bad. It was Danny Akin who argued against opening “selected” portions of the records.

  13. NSS
    However, Aiken presided over naming a building at SEBTS in honor of “Send em back to get knocked around” Patterson. I couldn’t convince Deb to picket with me.

  14. Whoa! You’re good -bravo for not caving to the accusations against you that, as you rightly point out, are entirely typical for this kind of situation.

  15. Ken

    I am weary of the same old arguments. And, I refuse to bear the brunt of their “concern.” The SBC leadership and others have used these tactics for far to long. So much so that even the “good guys” buy it. I look to Jesus and I cannot imagine Him convening a secret commission to fulfill the Great Commission. I highly recommend Wade Burleson’s book Hardball Religion.

    After what I have seen pass for “Christianity”, I will never, ever back down. A former church is to “blame” for me seeing things in a whole new light. I stood up to them as well. I follow Jesus, not the SBC and the two are not necessarily aligned.