What’s the GBC Leadership Afraid Of?

"Human beings, all over the earth, have this curious idea that they ought to behave in a certain way, and can't really get rid of it."
The Case for Christianity


Why is it that I feel the need to expose hypocrisy and sin in the Christian community? I have a friend who seems to be able to blow off serious issues. When I discussed my concern about the long term effects of sexual abuse on some children that had been molested in a church, she said, "I don'treally feel like God is calling me to be concerned about this." Mind you, these were children that she knew.


In some ways, this reminds me of the people of the Lutheran Church of Germany during the time of Hitler. Many of those people knew of the atrocities being committed by Hitler but kept their mouths shut. Most likely they were fearful of being targeted if they said anything. But, I wonder, how many lived with guilt about their complicity for the rest of their lives…


Once again, why do I feel the need to expose these issues? There is a line in the song, Bad Romance, which says, "Because I'm a freak, baby." Am I freak? Why can't I be like the female friend I mentioned and just not care? Perhaps its because I was raised as a non-Christian. When I came to the faith, I really bought the whole package. I grew up in an area that was known for its shady politics. My father often talked about Mayor Curley, the famed lawbreaking mayor of Boston, Massachusetts. He would tell me stories of crooked politicians and seemed to think that it was normal and expected. He would shake his head and call them derisively, "pols."


Finally, when I became a believer, I assumed this stuff would find no place in Christianity. I couldn't imagine that shady politics, which would include nepotism, the cover-up of immoral activities by leaders and greed, would be ever be assumed to be a normal state of affairs within the faith. And then, I saw it with my own eyes. I also heard stories from good people like Doug Pittman and Tom Rich and those who would write in on this blog. I read Wade Burleson's eyeopening book Hardball Religion and was shocked by the Mafioso tactics of some who run the Southern Baptist Convention.


This is not the faith I found as a seventeen year old teen. It seems as if the SBC, GBC, SGM and other churches and Christian organizations have been taken over by aliens. Minimally, they seem to be run by the mob bosses of old. Things seem little different from the Mayor Curley days of Boston. The church seems no different from the society as a whole. No wonder our young people are getting out! Why not openly view pornography when pastors seem to be doing so? Why not actively pursue wealth in the secular arena? Many pastors and leaders seem to be doing so on the backs of grandma's tithe? Why not engage in violence? Heck, a guy on the International Missions Board pulled out a knife during a meeting (read Hardball Religion). No wonder the secular world views us with disdain.


Well, maybe I am a freak. But I feel called to expose this nonsense. Along the way, I have met other bloggers who are also doing the same thing. Maybe, just maybe, God is calling us little guys to stand up to the nonsense and demand accountability. And until the leaders show transparency and accountability to us, the community of believers that they have been "called" to serve,  I feel precious little need to "respect their authority". By the way, don't pull the Matthew 18 thing on us. You have been confronted numerous times, and you have buried the complaints. You are misusing this verse. Matthew 18 is often the last refuge of scoundrels.


So, onto this unbiblical resolution. What are they teaching in seminaries these days??????


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all Georgia Baptists respectfully request and expect that individuals who disrupt the fellowship through blogging repent and immediately cease this activity and no longer cause disharmony for the advancement of their own personal opinions and agendas;


Well, be it resolved that all Georgia Baptist preachers who disrupt the fellowship of the saints by covering up sin, immediately repent and apologize for causing pain to Doug Pittman and all those who were desperately hurt at Prays Mill Baptist Church.


May the GBC immediately resolve to apologize for causing disharmony by using this resolution to "cover-up" the real issue of sin that has never been appropriately dealt with.


May the GBC repent of putting the selfish agendas of its leaders over the well-being of the people that they were called to serve with humility and selflessness.


May the GBC repent of their lack of effort to bring about healing and reconciliation in this matter.


BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that we set our eyes once again on the fields to which we are called to labor, refusing to dishonor God with activities that militate against harmony and good will.


Be it finally resolved that the leadership set its eyes once again on the people that it is called to serve, refusing to dishonor God by using hard earned tithes to pay exhoribitant salaries to leaders.


May the GBC refuse to dishonor God by using resolutions to bring inappropriate pressure to bear on decent people who were hurt by unresolved sin.


May the GBC apologize for orchestrating a resolution that militated against the harmony and good will amongst the Baptists of Georgia . Harmony can be achieved by repentance on the part of servant leaders who first take the log out of their eye before attempting to remove the speck in one of its members by using a bulldozer.


This GBC resolution is one of the most ridiculous, un-Christian, devious methods that I have ever seen used by a bunch of cowards who refuse to deal with extremely legitimate issues raised by a lone blogger. They appear to have used this resolution to obfuscate the real issue of sin. This resolution raises serious questions about who is minding the hen house in the GBC. 


Ben and Jerry protested outside of the headquarters of Piilsbury when Pillsbury attempted to remove Ben and Jerry products from the supermarkets where Pillsbury placed it frozen items. They carried a sign which said, "What's the Dough boy afraid of?" So, I ask this question, "What's the GBC afraid of?" Methinks there is much more than meets the eye…


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  1. I agree 100%!

    Your blog is so informative. Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts.

    It is a great source and many pastor search committees now turn to these types of blogs to check issues related to a Pastor seeking a church.

  2. “I don’t really feel like God is calling me to be concerned about this.” Mind you, these were children that she knew.”

    So you hear this, too? I hear it all the time. It is not a “calling” so to speak to protect children in your little part of the world. It is something adults should instinctively do. But, as you can see, it is not just the perps but those who look the other way who really allow this to continue. I think God holds them responsible for looking the other way.

    It is also not a “calling” to point out evil behavior of false leaders. It is a duty to keep the Bride pure. It is something a true Christian could not stand to ignore. This is something Paul pointed out to the Corinthians in chapter 5. By not dealing with the evil they were protecting it and even encouraging it!

    It is hard and uncomfortable to point a finger at evil behavior and false teaching and most folks do not want conflict. Christianity is something very different for them.

  3. WOW! I had no idea that blogs such as ours are being used by Pastor Search Committees. Thanks for letting us know.

    Dee and I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us in our quest for truth here at TWW. We are striving to inform our brothers and sisters in Christ about the issues that deeply concern us within Christendom.

    Praying your committee will find a pastor who reflects the love of Christ to your congregation. May God’s blessings be upon your church.

  4. Maintaining peace with others applies to not allowing our own sin to cause conflict. It does NOT apply to confronting gross sin in others (except in terms of maintaining a Christlike attitude in the confrontation itself). Anyone who thinks it is possible to maintain a peaceful atmosphere when confronting sin when the sinful party is unrepentant needs their head examined. But assuming a Christlike attitude in those confronting the sinful party, the guilt for breaking the peace does not go to those who confront the sin but to those who are committing the sin.


  5. Lydia,

    No wonder young people are leaving the church in droves. They have been marginalized, and they know it!

    What a sad day in Christendom when adult church members will not stand up and protect children in their congregations.

  6. Hey I know they do research blogs. Most of the time the Pastor just dilutes what is written, but they are now considering what is posted.

    I know Doug told has told me that many search committees have contacted him concerning many in the ministry and what he knew, especially the GBC/ Everson Klan / and those within the Baptist Mafia

    And you boys don’t think you can trap him (as many have tried already) It backfires……

    Hey There has been 25000 hits / reads since you started on this G B C issue.

    Evidently someone is ready this blog and story! If they only knew……

  7. Orion,

    Something that really helped me see this was reading accounts of the trials of some AnaBaptists in Europe in the 1500’s. Amazing! They were being tried for the heresy of adult baptism and for not believing in transubstantiation. I was reading an account of the trial of Michael Statler a few days ago. The “Judges” of which there were 24 from the clergy and universities, some were so angry they kept threatening to kill him right there. And throughout it all Statler just calmly kept defending the Word and trying to persuade them to only go by what is in the Word. Other accounts are similar like Conrad Grabel, Felix Manz, etc.

  8. Dr WHO,

    When we started TWW in March 2009 we had no idea who would be reading.

    Dee and I are startled by our recent numbers.

    Thanks for tracking them along with us.

  9. When I discussed my concern about the long term effects of sexual abuse on some children that had been molested in a church, she said, “I don’t really feel like God is calling me to be concerned about this.”

    How grotesque to use God as an excuse for apathy. This is the result of people ignoring what the Word of God says in favor of what they “feel”.

  10. I believe your recent number increase is because they know my friend Doug has told the TRUTH about many within the Baptist Mafia in the past, and the truth on here about issues is like hearing an old fashion minister who really seeks to promote the gospel according to the Bible.

    I believe many seek someone who has an identity and someone who knows what he/ she is talking about.

    You guys report so well what actually is transpiring in today’s tared religious community like no others and it happens to be believable.

    I know that is why I have recently become re-active. We should finally support all efforts to correct injustices, and the G B C is a perfect bull-eyes!

  11. This makes me so angry that people will not help protect the little children. And saying I don’t think God is calling me to be concerned about this?! We ALL need to be concerned about this. And so many say that exposing sin of leadership is “An unChristian attack on the church! Yeah, right. The only way for the church to be pure is if the sin in the leadership is exposed and rooted out.