In case you haven’t heard, Liberty University is “forming a committee to investigate a series of accusations against Ergun Caner, president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary,” according to Provost Dr. Ron Godwin.

Here’s the rest of the May 10th announcement which can be found at this link:

“The Internet allegations have questioned public statements Caner has made regarding the details of his personal life story.

Following inquiries from several members of the mainstream media, Liberty decided to initiate its own investigation.

Liberty does not initiate personnel evaluations based upon accusations from Internet blogs,’ Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. said. ‘However, In light of the fact that several newspapers have raised questions, we felt it necessary to initiate a formal inquiry.’ “ 


Now that the mainstream media is asking questions, maybe we’ll FINALLY get answers… 


When is the investgation expected to conclude?  

Here’s what the announcement stated:  “Godwin is forming a committee to conduct an official inquiry with a goal of issuing its conclusions by the end of June.”

 As soon as the committee’s report is released, we’ll promptly provide an update.



  1. Come on. Is there really anyone out there that believes everyone in leadership at Liberty had NO idea Caner was embellishing his background? Did they not at least check him out before hiring? Did they not listen to any of his 500 level courses, evangelizing, etc where he made conflicting comments about his past?

    This is like the Wolves investigating the foxes about the henhouse scandal. Based upon my experience with the celebrity Christian world, this is a PR move and the damage control spin will be Clintonian. And believed by most of the shallow Christian community in the US.

  2. Lydia is right. I bet that I, Lydia, Dee, or Deb could all go ahead and write now the report that Liberty will issue after their “inquiry”. Just take the template used for the Bellevue Baptist Church investigative committee report, or the “Wonderland Church” report, or Ed Young’s response to news reports about his private jet, or FBC Jax’s response to the Watchdog’s lawsuit — and plug in the names, dates, and specifics for Caner, and there you have it, instant report. There is truly nothing new under the sun.

  3. JUnkster

    A delight to hear from you! Hope all is well. And I agree with you. remember, in Wonderland, Alice was the problem not the “monster.” “Alice discovered the problem, asked about it, demanded accountability and, wham! Alice was the REAL PROBLEM.

    I think there are churches that would far rather have a pervert, liar or “moneychanger” that kept the status quo than someone who says, “Hey, wait a minute!What’s going on here?”

  4. Lydia
    Of course we know that there are those at Liberty U who had “suspicions.” But, the guy increased enrollment threefold! Who are we to question success, eh? You see, God is on our side if we have lots of money and lots of people. Surely that’s in the Bible somewhere, isn’t it?

  5. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Because the liberal media has latched onto this story, I’m not sure things can be swept under the rug this time. We’ll just have to wait and see…


    Remember a few years ago (before TWW ever came into existence) when I said to you, “I don’t know if we can keep a faith watch blog going because I’m not sure there will be enough topics to discuss…”

  6. The Caner Controversy: shades of Mike Warnke and his false Satanic background. Boggles the mind. How many of us could build public images based on falsehoods without tons of family/friends calling our bluffs with “I knew him when…”?

  7. Dee — have you re-posted the Wonderland story yet? I look forward to reading it.

    NotDr. Nickname

  8. Nickname
    This week and next I am devoting myself fully to getting the blog completed, up to date, and linked. This has been a very busy few months and there is no excuse. So, I will post Wonderland under the categories. Give it about 10 days.
    Thank you soooo much for even caring.

  9. Liberty University & Libertines

    Speaking of evangelical scandals and Liberty University in the same breath, readers can Google “Appendix F: Thou Shalt Not Steal” (line-by-line proof that THE Jerry Falwell’s 1981 “Fundamentalist Phenomenon” book was a huge plagiarism of George Dollar’s 1973 “History of Fundamentalism in America”!). Also Google “Thomas Ice (Bloopers).” Ice is a prof at LU whose “Ph.D” was “obtained” from a tiny Texas school that was fined by the state of Texas for illegally issuing degrees! When “Dr.” Ice reproduced in 1989 Margaret Macdonald’s short “pre-tribulation rapture” revelation of 1830 (Margaret originated this 180-year-old escapist endtime view which has made millionaires of Lindsey, LaHaye etc.!), he somehow left out 49 words when copying it – the same 49 words LaHaye left out in the same sections when a book of his reproduced it three years later! (LaHaye has been one of LU’s biggest donors.) Ice, BTW, also had the same distinctive copying errors Lindsey had when he had reproduced MM’s revelation in his 1983 book! Since Liberty University is one of the top promoters of the same fringe-British-originated pretrib rapture fantasy, interested readers can also Google “Famous Rapture Watchers,” “Pretrib Rapture Diehards,” “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy,” “Letter from Mrs. Billy Graham,” and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” (documented plagiarism and other dishonesty since 1830 by some of the best known names in evangelicalism) – all uncovered by the author of the bestselling book “The Rapture Plot.” (Evangelicals should take some tranquilizers before reading the above!)

    [I recently saw the foregoing item on another web site – Victor]

  10. VIctor

    Thank you so much. I just saw a debate with Ice and was not impressed with his arrogant attitude toward the other Christian he was debating (end times stuff-no surprise). You have opened a new can of worms and I look forward to investigating this.

  11. Victor
    I did a little research and you have a point! The seminary that he attended only has 300 folks and less than 25% of them attend the campus. Why in the world did he attend a legitimate seminary like Dallas Theological and then choose to go to this seminary for his “doctorate?”It doesn’t pass the smell test.