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Just how big is the Quiverfull (QF) Movement?  As far as we can determine, It’s not really that large.  The internet seems to have magnified the movement.  The total number of families nationwide that have bought into this idea is only in the thousands or tens of thousands as far as we can determine.  QF proponents are probably hoping the multiplier effect will propel their chosen lifestyle into Mainstream Christianity.

As we wrap up our analysis of the Quiverfull Movement, we want to share some specific questions that have come to mind.

Do Quiverfull families homeschool exclusively?

Who does most of the teaching in QF families?

Which homeschooling curriculums seem to be most popular among QF families?

Are sons and daughters in QF families taught in the same manner?  In other words, are the daughters challenged intellectually like we assume the sons are or do the daughters just learn the basic things they need to know to be good “keepers at home” and nothing more?

How much one-on-one time does each QF child have with a parent each day?

How much time does the typical QF dad spend with his children on a daily basis?  Supporting a large family financially is obviously a daunting task.

What kind of transportation do QF families use?  Do they drive large vans or buses like the Duggars have?  If you saw the show featuring their excursion to Pigeon Forge, you’ll know how the Duggars travel.  Their bus gets a whopping 5-1/2 miles to the gallon!  No wonder they have to make their own laundry detergent and baby wipes! 

Do QF families belong to congregations where a variety of family units are represented (small, medium and large families, singles, and widows/widowers) or “do birds of a feather flock together”?

If a QF daughter desires to go to college, is she permitted to do so?  Will she be allowed to live on campus along with the other students?  If not, why not?

Are there any QF parents who allow their children to “date” or is “courtship” the only option?  Here's a YouTube video that explains "Dating vs. Courtship

Do all QF families mandate that female members must wear their hair long?  If so, how long?

Are mothers and daughters in the QF Movement expected to wear long skirts and dresses at all times in public?  Seeing Michele Duggar roller skate at her son’s birthday party in an ankle length skirt was an incredible sight!  As far as we could tell, all the Duggar daughters were wearing skirts while roller skating.  Will the restrictive dress code of the QF movement one day lead to the wearing of Burqas or something equally concealing?  That question is not intended as a joke! 

What percentage of QF children earn a college and/or professional degree? 


What percentage of QF guys and gals graduate from college? 

It appears the goal of QF families is to function independent of the government.  As was pointed out in Tuesday's post, the Duggar family has received much financial support from outside sources.  Do any QF families have to rely on some kind of government assistance (i.e. Medicaid and food stamps) to survive?

Do QF families have medical and dental insurance, and do they get regular check-ups?

Will QF children duplicate this lifestyle in which they were raised when they marry and begin their own families?  Will they be ostracized if they choose not to follow the QF lifestyle?

How effective are QF families in sharing their faith with a lost world since they seem to have limited contact with those who are outside of their domain?  Is evangelism important to them?

Are QF children allowed to marry people outside of the Quiverfull Movement?

What happens if a QF parent (heaven forbid!) dies prematurely?  How will the surviving parent cope and who will help look after the quiver?   

Josh Duggar and his bride had “virgin lips” on their wedding day and kissed for the first time during the ceremony.  Do QF parents enforce the rule "No kissing until you’re married"?  Want to learn more about the Virgin Lips Movement?  Check out these links (The Virgin Lips Movement)

and (Sexual Abstinence, Romantic Longing, and Monogamous Lips)

Perhaps you have questions other than the ones we have listed here.  We encourage you to share them by adding a comment.

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